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  2. What reeealllly annoys you...

    I had this happen today... People who cut around the outside of a roundabout turning right. Twice this has happened, and both times the bloke has nearly hit me - oh and of course because i am following the highway code its my fault and warrants the t**t tailgating me all the way home. Ahhh rant over!! :0)
  3. Rolling Road Day - TSR 18th April 09

    Count me in! Ive PM'd you! Never been on one of these before so dont really know what to expect! Quite interested to see how much the VR6 has lost after 150k!!!
  4. how do you drive in the snow?

    Excuse my bad spelling of Touareg!!!
  5. how do you drive in the snow?

    Just stuck my snow chains on as the missus had the Toureg! Well I say chains Ive got snow socks, easier to get on! Id recommend investing in some, £50ish and if we get more of this at least youre prepaired! Anyway it was quite funny looking at the faces of other drivers as I went straight up Beacon Hill Road in Fleet with no problems!! Drive down to the alps a lot so am used to driving on snow! Just keep it slow and steady!! Use the right pedal to judge grip not the middle one and keep your distance! I went down a hill with someone two inches from my rear bumper, sorry but I have to admit some bad language was shouted!! :0)
  6. Best MPG???

    I reguarly get between 31 and 32 at 80 when Im in europe going down to ARC 1950. The best I can get in the UK is about 28 average on a long run. Ive got a standard highline with 165k on the clock! Still runs sweet as a nut!! Something to do with: The rubbish road surface over here? Traffic congestion? I recon I might get better if I replaced the chains?
  7. This is THE club to join if you own a VR6 engined VW. Simple as that really! The wealth of information on here is immense as well as a helpful and very friendly group of members who are always more than happy to offer advice. The GSF discount is worth the membership fee alone. I have spent over £500 in there in the past couple of years and it's paid for itself. So pay your £15 and support the forum, it'll be the best £15 you'll ever spend!
  8. anyone for a lovely nice GREEN highline

    It not this one is it? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-GOLF-VR6-HIGHLINE-AUTO-DRAGON-GREEN-1996-N_W0QQitemZ190197150099QQihZ009QQcategoryZ9873QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Its the second time its been listed. The wheels and badges are standard VR6 as well!! I sent the guy and email suggesting he post a picture of the V5 to prove that it was a highline. Got quite an abusive reply when I commented on the wheels and badges!!