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  1. Im getting the same thing now but when I reverse on full lock. I changed the drivers side last week but Im still having the problem. Im going with n/s inner cv joint which im going to change next week
  2. Does anyone know if the mk3 golf shafts are the same as the Raddos?
  3. 180bhp ish depending on servicing and age I reckon
  4. As soon as I hit 3000-4000 rpm Im pinned back in my seat
  5. Will it need beating back on? The price for the cv kit is around £35 +vat and a new shaft complete with gaitors is £49 inc vat so best bet is the whole shaft ready to bolt on?
  6. Would it not be easier to do the whole shaft? Im a plumber lol and the instructions to do the whole shaft seem very straight forward
  7. Do you think the gearbox is ok with the other side spinning freely? Is it much of a job to do? And what tools would i need I have just got a price of £49 inc vat for the shaft and are the abs and non abs shafts the same?
  8. Right i have recently had new top mounts (front) and a wheel bearing (o/s front) to my mk3 vr6.Yesterday i went on the school run and on the way home I was getting a crunchy knocky noise from the front side. When i got home i jacked her up and spun the wheels but all i got was a squeak from my pads on the disc. I went out again a few hours later and it got worse so i turned round and came home. I have just had the wheel off and spun the disc and shaft and at a certain point im getting a horrible noise from the gear box end of the drive shaft. I spun the other side and all is smooth. Whats the
  9. Yeah im deffo gettin the front splitter back on I had to take it off because of the huge speed bumps round ere lol. Im having the two rear arches cut out and replaced aswell as the front wing and im goint to get the wheels re-furbed I was going to change them but I have been told that they are a VW optional extra from when it was new so i would like to keep it original ish. I want to remove the rear wiper and get a badgeless grill
  10. http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k554/kebster2/golf1-1.jpg http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k554/kebster2/golf2.jpg
  11. As above i want to put a couple of mine up
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