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  2. Old school Mountney install

    ThInk you know what's comIng here. I desperately want to fit an old school Mountney wheel I have, same style I had on my first car, a mini, I know how cute. Problem being old school wheels had a large open face that fits to a large faced boss, that only come with small spline fitment. Newer Mountney bosses fit large spline but have a smaller wheel face. Anyone here tried this or have an idea how I can get around this? Cheers fellas.
  3. Engine rebuild

    My old engine was great but started to smoke so needs seal doing. I'm thinking that while the engine I out I might get someone to strip her down and rebuild the essential parts, not everything but stuff that needs doing. Maybe a skim an polish while were at it. Anyone know a good place round the Bolton / Manchester area for having this done? Be a shame to leave her when she's a belter. Cheers guys. If anyone has had this done lately how much did you pay?
  4. 6 branch queries

    Alright gang. I got a 6 branch but without an adaptor plate. We've got a few ideas for some high quality bodging but wanted to know if anyone else has strapped on a 6 branch without the bloody adaptor plate...which Raceland don't sell separately...which does suck a bit. Be a waste not to use it wouldn't it? Open forum so all ideas welcome guys.

    I feel your pain brother, need the same myself but can only find arched ones. Been strongly advised against spurious cack.
  6. Raceland help please

    These now leads into a new conversation... Does anyone know of a way of fitting one of these to a decat/cat without the adaptor plate? Anyone fabbed something up or altered things to suit? be interesting to know as there are lots of dudes out there that sell the 6 branches without plates, in theory a useless bit of kit otherwise.
  7. Raceland help please

    Hi guys, quick update as this may be of interest to anyone buying or selling these without the adaptor plates....Raceland don't sell them separately so unless there's an alternative option, you're stuffed. Nice. I suppose you could get one fabb'ed up and do it that way.
  8. Raceland help please

    Right guys, bit baffled on this. Bought a replacement lump a while ago, my old one did 168k, new one 120k....good times!! And it came with a raceland 6 branch, more good times!! Now, thing is the manifold connector ring that is attached has 2 bolt holes and my decat has 3, so they don't fit, so it's sitting, all nicely wrapped (which was a finger bleeding pain to do) in my cellar waiting to go on. What do I need to do to get this to fit? Can you buy adaptors or would I need a custom decat making? I've looked at the raceland decats and they have 3 bolt fitment too so I'm stumped. The guy I bought everything off said it was previously in a mk2, but I can't see raceland making a 6 branch with a mk2 fitment to be honest. Anyways, any advice would be awesome!! Cheers.
  9. One for you guys me thinks and a couple of basic lessons learned. Recently had her running like an absolute bag of biz, constantly running on less than 6 so I went through the list. First up leads. I bought black ones from GSF about 10 months ago, first mistake right there. DO NOT buy cheap leads, they're shite. So i put my original VW leads on which actually were in top nick. Then I changed the plugs. Was desperate so ended up buying some good Champion plugs locally until I get some NGK Platinums. These are actually pretty good plugs and pretty much sorted everything out. Original plugs were cheap Bosch ones which were obviously useless (again see the DO NOT note). I did notice plug six was caked in crap, not oil leaking anywhere but a thick shitty deposit, I assumed this was unburnt stuff due to the crap leads and plugs. Now she runs like she's on fire, insanely quick now and responsive BUT, although she starts like lightning from cold, once she warms up there is some mild lumping and spitting at low revs. Bit of bom,bom, bombombom, bom at idle and slight splutter every now and then on set off. Now, I'm thinking possibly coilpack (based on the posts I've read through with similar issues) or do we think she just needs a few days of running to burn out the crap that's built up in there? I thought it odd that cold start was perfect but when warm, slight stutter. Maybe the coilpack expanding when warm making a crack wider possibly? Any ideas would be awesome before I spend £80 on a coilpack (not a GSF version for sure). Cheers guys.
  10. VR6 Loosing Water

    Have a good look at your hoses, might have a perished one somewhere? Had a bit of trouble with my coolant system in the past, turned out to be water pump issues. Cheap ones don't last too long. ALSO, if your oil temp starts to go up easily you might wanna check the 2 hoses going into your oil cooler unit at the front, right at the bottom. Water will just leak through without getting to the important stuff to cool it down.
  11. Chains & Guides or Tapets?!!?

    Could be your serpentine belt tensioner too if it's a scary bad rattling noise. Mine did the same a couple of months ago, shat myself only to find it was that. The bearing housing breaks and the bearing drops (I think) knocking about against the metal casing. Still cost me £200 + to get done, plus a few other things.
  12. Rubber.

    Cheers guys. I was more than happy to roll on T1s again but have noticed the same thing this time round, centres have loads of tread but the edges have worn like crazy...might have something to do with spirited driving though.
  13. my vr, Audi S2s on now!!

    Some more update pics boyos, this time we tried the fronts without rubber. I do believe there may be some poke issues. Need a bit of figuring out on the tyre front, was gonna go 205/50s or the heavy rubber but it's looking more like a 195/45 is gonna be needed. Itsy bitsy teeny fifteenies will work!!
  14. Rubber.

    Ok guys and gals, just sorting out some rims at the mo and am stuck for tyres. I usually plump for the trusty T1-Rs, had Yokos in the past too but they wore way too quickly and were dangerous in the wet. Tempted by the parada spec2s, but again I've heard bad things in the wet. What you kids running? I'm going for a 15x8 rim looking at 205/50s or maybe even 195/50s if the 205s won't squeeze under the arch.
  15. my vr, Audi S2s on now!!

    Ingham, how much tread and how much my good man? Richie, I know dude, I just whacked one on to see how the girth and poke sat. Managed to flog the 888s now to a mate for his ur quattro, I think he enjoyed the rudeness.