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  1. ez_101

  2. Top mount help

    Unfortunatley dont have the luxory of an airgun...took me 2hours to get one nut off!!
  3. Top mount help

    Thanks for the advice... I took a hammer to them in the end as I'm now getting new ones
  4. Hi all, I took my front suspension off earlier with the top mount still attached, how do I free it from the strut?
  5. Link: www.vr6oc.com/userposts.php?0.forums.8652 Just took me to dman-vrt posts when i just tried it now
  6. Its the same on either explorer firefox or safari
  7. Right iv tested it a couple of times tonight now and just seem to be getting ben seabrooks!?
  8. Iv had Ben's posts pop tonight cant remember who elses iv seen. I use firefox browser on windows 7 machine. Seems to happen everytime i log in!
  9. Picked up a new bumper and front wings tonight same colour all in good nick, £60 the lot, bargain! Also bought new coilovers tonight, have a new water pump and scuttle tray on the way. I feel a busy weekend coming on...
  10. Hi, when i click on "your posts" it takes me to a random user's posts and not mine?! Is this just me? to view my posts i have to go to my profile then click "your posts".
  11. Agreed, trying to get the bits i need is working out longer than i thought! oh the joys!
  12. Ha no...Stupid lorry pulled out on me... No its not that bad to be fair i did well not to hit anyone else though
  13. After little incident.... Awaiting a few more parts to fix her up...
  14. Big Updates coming in 2012, planning on having the whole car resprayed (same colour) and wheels refurbed... Full service replacing old knackerd parts... watch this space...