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  1. Kelster

  2. Head bolts

    If you mean ARP head bolts then give Stealth a call as they are using them on their turbo conversions so I assume they can get them in. Pretty sure I have seen them on ebay aswell. Sorry if you did mean apr ones but googled apr and it didn't come up with anything.
  3. What braking solution would recommend for a 350BHP VR6. Thought I would get this sorted before my car gets booking in at Stealth for their stage 1
  4. Cams etc

    HiFlowHeads also do exhaust manifolds for the VR, not sure how good, I just stumbled across them.
  5. Cams etc

    Same as above, both would see gains, however if you definately as staying NA then I think you would make better gains from the 268s and a remap. However, for similar money the G60 Final Drive be a nice mod, wont give more power but will give better acceleration.
  6. If you go into VW and ask to buy just a thermostat they tend to sell you the whole housing aswell, but don't supply the o-rings for the sensors. When I replaced my thermostat I am not sure how I ever managed to retain coolant as the cracks in the housing were terrible. I would replace the housing aswell personally.
  7. Okay, gonna sound a bit daft here maybe. Are we saying that the supercharger is going to bring the boost in first ? I thought they developed their boost higher up the rev range ? At least when I looked into Rotrex that was the case, hence I want to go down the turbo route. Or is the Eaton charger a different kettle of fish ?
  8. Have u seen this beauty on ebay?

    Not to my taste either......yuk !
  9. Thermostat Removal

    It just bolts to the block and seals with the wierdest looking washer every fabricated. Should have one with the new housing.
  10. sport cats

    My CAT needed replacing so I got a sports cat fitted to replace it. TBH, absolutely no performance difference, no change in exhaust note, only bonus was the cost as it was a bit cheaper. I am NA though, might make more of a difference FI.
  11. Timing chains replacement

    I think they are only about £200 from VW, I personally would buy genuine parts.
  12. burning rubber smell?

    My ABS / traction control has been on loads aswell but have no rubber smell. Maybe the primitive traction control is not doing that great a job and the rubber smell is your tyres spinning ? Last time I smelt burning rubber was swiftly followed by a large helping of torque steer and whiplash

    Happy Christmas from me too, and have a great Neww Year.
  14. I personally think it would be an idea to check the thermostat. This same problem your are describing happened to me when the stat broke. The fact that only one fan is coming on imo should not cause a major problem especially if you are not stationary and in this weather. I think there are some peeps on here that only run a single fan as space it tight for other mods. Or course sort out the fan but do not rule out the simple Thermostat failure.
  15. Engine Mounts

    I got a vibra-technics one fitted to mine. Nice 15% VR6OC member discount from them.