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  1. Big Ian

  2. seen as it was nice today ..

    lol yeah but the air-con is freezing
  3. seen as it was nice today ..

    cheers guy's, the light covers are just painted head light protectors .. i did have them smoke tinted for a while but decided yesterday to paint them .. for off road & show use only of course lol as for the rear spoiler i had actually thought about painting it gun metal grey, just to break up the black a-little?
  4. housing/cover??

    been told the housing may be something to do with the oil cooler? anyone
  5. while i was doing an oil change on my VR6 yesterday i noticed that just above where the oil filter housing is that there is another plastic housing that look's very much like the oil filter housing but a little smaller, can anyone tell me what this is? is it another filter that i should have changed? thank's Ian
  6. My VR6

    fitted new coilovers yesterday and spent most of today setting them up well after removing the wheels a few times today to adjust height & then the camber i think ive got it where i want it?? this is what happens when you don't notice all the features of the new suspension passanger side: bottom sitting out drivers side: top sitting out :s so i stripped the wheels of and then found the new suspension has adjustable camber.. all sorted now
  7. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    today i fitted my new coilover's .. tomorrow i'll play about with them until i'm happy with the height
  8. [moved] BOSS kit?

    guy's am i right in thinking that a VR6 has the bigger 25mm spline on the steering coloum? ive got a Personal steering wheel and i'm trying to find a boss fitting kit for it. thanks Ian
  9. My VR6

    thank's Rusty i'm not tinting the windows i think it look's quite clean & fresh as it is, once my coilovers come i can then hopefully get the stance to match the look ive also started to blacken the engine bay i need to hide the ballasts for the HID lights
  10. My VR6

    thank's, ive had quite a response from folk since i had the wheels coated .. all good
  11. My VR6

    small update as to what ive been up to with my VR Jobs Completed Suspension Top Mount's: fitted Dec 09 Handbrake Cable's: fitted Dec 09 6K HID Lighting: fitted Dec 09 Audi TT Comp's Alloy's: Fitted Dec 09 Grooved & Drilled Front Brake's: fitted 21/02/10 Both rear wheel bearing kit's fitted jan 2010 Sony Headunit: MEX-BT1761fitted 16/02/10 4X Kenwood: KFC 1761 16.5cm speaker'sfitted 16/02/10 Wheels refurbed: done 22/2/10 Exhaust: fitted 19/02/10 26th Feb 2010 4 new 205/40/17 tyres fitted 26/02/10 Front brake pad's fitted 126/02/10 Fuel Filter fitted 26/02/10 still to do Coilover suspension: ordered today 5th March De-Cat: Leather Interior: ?? Solid Engine & G/Box Mount's: ?? Steering Wheel BOSS (got the S/wheel i want) just need the fitting kit Couple of small scratche's and bubbles seen to how it's looking at the moment
  12. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    oops .. double posted