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  1. my mk2 used to take the feed from two of the pins on the coil pack but missfired at 4000rpm and the rev counter went crazy. I'm still trying to figure a way to do it.
  2. Its strange i have a whining noise from tat side of the engine, only started after a new belt and new tensioner pulley. I have a nother belt to put on incase its that, but atm the belt vibrating alot. If anything touches belt, ie water when washing car, the noise stops for a shot period of time. I cant imagine it being any of the bearings in the pumps.
  3. Many people mention the bearing going dry but can the actual spring loaded unit loose its tension over time? Has anybody experienced this and had to get a new tensioner?
  4. You can get the lead removal tool off ebay usually. U will need iirc a 25mm socket for the oil filter housing, just a good ratchet set and maybe a srewdriver, funnel etc.
  5. I am very close to finishing rebuilding the VR. Im going to use some cheap oil just to flush the engine through for 10 mins, then i will put a running in oil in, Synta blue? for 500 miles? Followed by Synta silver? Is that how most people do it....... Thanks Haydn
  6. Def sounds like ISV, i have/had the same problem, its when the revs drop when u dip the clutch and the isv doesnt catch the revs on idle. Try getting another or blasting it out with carb cleaner
  7. Is that really true about the elring head gasket, just about to to put my head back on with one, only using it becasue thats what was on last time and was fine, but it is actually a reinz one in an elring wrapper??
  8. Went to buy R32 sump and oil pump but pump is on back order and has been for a while, so i thought id have one last go at running a standard VR sump. R32 next if this doesnt work. The main bit that catches on mine is the lump before the sump plug so i did a bit of modding with a new sump and had it glowing orange and a big Hammer! Then gave it a quick waft of paint. Plug wont catch with the polo sump plug. Not amazing but i reckon it might just do for a bit. I think winter time in the garage will bring the R32 sump. Sump no.1 Standard sump Modded Sump (sump no.3)
  9. Does anybody want to either sell or lend me the VR6 piston ring tool? http://www.toolwarehaus.com/wbstore/main.asp?action=PROD&PROD=FL-VW3278&CTMP=1&LowCt=0 Spoke to Vince today and they only come in 81mm (2.8), so for 82mm pistons (2.9) you have to just shove your piston through it and open it up a bit. Obviously if you have a 2.8 its prob best i dont borrow it off you. Any help would be great Thanks Haydn
  10. ill start it and let others add to it Head gasket kit (includes stem seals and other head seals and o rings) head bolts sump gasket shells rod bolts ring set Valve springs collets injector service Chains and tensioners sprockets water pump clutch spark plugs please add
  11. "The only mod I had to make was to cut a small section out of the plastic baffle where the dipstick passes through because the R32's dipstick sits 1.5" closer to the gearbox than the 12V's. Strange. They probably moved it for intake manifiold clearance reasons?" Is this still the case when using the 24v dipstick? Getting everything tomorrow so just want to make sure. I take it its the sump thats the prob, so matter what dipstick you use the bit will need cuting out? Cheers Haydn
  12. The GSF head gasket kit is made my elring, however the actual head gasket is a reinz one. Not bad for the money
  13. Hello! I need some advise and opinions. Currently rebuilding the VR, its standard internals apart from ported head, 6 branch and got to the stage where i need to buy head gasket kit, head bolts etc. I have been to GSF and VW and cant believe the difference in cost. Head gasket set from GSF is £60 and the head bolts £19. Vw main stealer (which i would rather use if i could) was nearly £60 just for the head gasket and £92 for the bolts. Really what i want to know is are GSf parts good enough and can the bolts really be up to the job for £19. Ive been thinking to buy the gsf kit but still us
  14. Im also after measurements for standrad bores on a 2.9, and the tolerances if anybodycan help? Thanks Haydn
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