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  1. RALA

  2. How to get MK2 clocks to work??

    Bump!! Still not sorted this problem and I am in a new MK2 with the same converstion. Has anybody done this>
  3. Help! I have pretty much finished my conversion now (MK2 VR) and have got my clocks working?!? I have done all the wiring to make it think it is 4 cylinder but the rev counter is like half what it should be! when she is screaming the rev counter is at 4000. Any ideas?
  4. How to get MK2 clocks to work??

    You ARE a comedy Legend!! Wheres my hoses!
  5. Does anyone know how too make the clocks work from the original 16v (90 spec) Thank you.
  6. Cheers guys, it was a dodgy rail... All fired up!!!
  7. In the process of doing a MK2 VR conversion. Engine, loom everything in, but will not start. Fuel pump is working. Fuel is in the injector rail. coil is pulsing Plugs are sparking engine is turning. But no firing??? Any ideas, really doing my nut now.. Cheers Richard
  8. Old front. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y179/rala/Old.jpg New Front http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y179/rala/New.jpg I have only had her for 7mths and this is the third look!! !lol !lol
  9. I bought mine of ebay there are usually sets on there. I have FK ones which I was told to be the best but have had to cover them in silicone to stop them fogging up. My mate had In Pro and his were even worse???? Good luck
  10. Just bought a private plate

    Like it. nice one...
  11. Hope you have a BIG piggy bank!!!!!! !amazed
  12. Angels!!!! had Mk4 nice but now very common, Just fitted FK angel eyes, LOOOKK SOO COOOLLL loven' them big!!!
  13. That is going to look the nuts when complete. Nice one!!
  14. now with no arches

    Looks good.. They look much better de-arched.