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  1. sounds like its an earthing problem They most commonly occur on the rear light units
  2. they will fit on no problem. you may need to roll your arches if you want to go lower, or have them flared if you want to go even lower. My arches have been rolled.Heres how low mine is at the mo, i still get rubbing now and again.
  3. Rubbin' and rollin'

    i got 9's on the rear and have my arches rolled yet i still get rubbing when corner hard or fast over dips in roads. Need to get the arches flared me thinks
  4. lol this looks not bad on the other hand
  5. Fit arches to a highline?

    Everyone and their aunt are taking off the arches, bit too common now imo. im planning on color coding my arches and door mouldings. Ive 9" brocks on the rear and if i take the arches off the tyres will stick out the arch making it illegal, so i need to keep my arches. ive been qouted
  6. [poll] Front bumper dilemma

    ive got the zender front and rear bumpers on my mk3. like the rear one, but not really feeling the front
  7. Coilovers...??

    PM sent, got them from ebay, the article number is 7972605394, search for that and ask seller a question.
  8. Coilovers...??

    fk konigsports. i got them for
  9. [email protected] the ebay iten number was 7972605394
  10. suspension top mounts

    had my konigsports fitted over the weekend and said i wanted new top mounts. the mechanic said the OEM ones are just as good as any other, and they only cost
  11. they are from germany, i haggled him down so they did'nt charge me shipping which is usually
  12. fk konigsports for
  13. item number 7972605394 on ebay grab it whilst u can