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  1. badboyV6

  2. Some More Nurburgring Photos

    yeah likewise lads - really good to see you all! Same again soon hopefully! :-D
  3. Ben's Nurburgring photos

    nice pics Ben :-)
  4. Nurburgring April 2009 (Easter)

    Ill be coming along in my half of the golf with Andyl see you soon chaps!
  5. VR6OC Rolling Road Day 1st Nov 2008

    great day and felt great catching up with everyone. Excellent work Claire - your a star!
  6. VR6OC Rolling Road Day 1st Nov 2008

    Is there a top shed of the day award on offer?
  7. VR6OC Rolling Road Day 1st Nov 2008

    Depends what your bringing? lol a 1972 Trabant fastback in hearing aid beige.
  8. VR6OC Rolling Road Day 1st Nov 2008

    Is it too late to add my name down for this?
  9. Golf + Feature

    HI All, by some freak of nature i managed to get cover of Golf +. Just a quickie to say the club got a mention in my thanks :-) Happy Xmas and New Year all
  10. golf vr6 trck car

    Apparently the Toyo R888's are horrific in the wet though so be careful. Its the only reason i havent bought them for the mk1. Perspex windows are fine - andylaurence had them in his beemer and he passed an MOT fine. Speak to Stonehouse Audi VW centre who will be able to help with anything you need to know as theyve prepped quite a few dubs for racing...
  11. Golf + Feature

    Here you go mate- 2 pics from earlier in the year. Thanks again everyone!
  12. car dilema

    regardless of her age, her inexperience wil mean she will no doubt be punished by the insurance companies by hefty premiums. Too much power for a new driver. Get her a lupo!
  13. Nurburgring March 2008 (Easter)

    has anyone sorted out hotel/ camping and any other costs yet or at least looked at options and cost? I guess we are in the hands of the gods as far as weather is concerned but it would be nice to know roughly how much if the weather proves to be good. Cant wait though ladies and gentlman - its going to be a corker. :-)
  14. Nurburgring March 2008 (Easter)

    I'd consider that fair if they turned up in a Citroen BX.... I guess it give them more rights to turn away cars that could be potential death traps (not including the driver)
  15. Nurburgring March 2008 (Easter)

    Aswad! HELL YEAH! The main reason i bought it was to just have some fun and forget about the show and shine nonsense for a while. ;-) Look forward to seeing you again you smooth talking bar steward. Ben: Cheers mate. Its a '79 swallow tail. Its got a 6a bottom end with a m2 16V top end. Quaife ATB and a load of other bits. I need to upgrade the brakes before i go, and fit a decent oil cooler- so if anyone has any ideas let me know. Thnks for the heads up on the hotel. Craggsy: How do fella, Hows things? Long time no speak.
  16. Nurburgring March 2008 (Easter)

    Hey guys ill be coming along for the crack, Ill also be up for a trip to Adenau :-D Ill be taking this on the long trip:- Ear deffenders at the ready. Any news on hotels etc yet? Itll be real good catching up with you all again - its been a while.
  17. Nick those wheels looked AWESOME! The whole car looked sweet. Great to see you again btw... :-)

    top man jake. Got a lot of time for him and Graham- they helped me loads at edition 38. Ill say it again, top lads :-)
  19. VR6OC Rolling Road Day Sat 25th November

    Claire, i have 2 more people definitely coming. Put them down please :-) RussellW and ChrisD.
  20. VR6OC Rolling Road Day Sat 25th November

    Claire- might be worth either PM'ing the remaining lot, or just chaninging the title of the thread?
  21. VR6OC Rolling Road Day Sat 25th November

    nope not at all adam. bump for more deposits - risk of being cancelled if we dont get enough deposits....
  22. VR6OC Rolling Road Day Sat 25th November

    bump for this - come on people - need to get desposits sorted.
  23. VR6OC Rolling Road Day Sat 25th November

    Instead of being so negative Steve, why didnt you actually channel some of that whinge power into being more constructive.... Noone bothered to organise this so i went ahead and sorted it, not conveniently for myself as im sure you may well have done, but because i thought we needed to get one booked as its been a long time since the last one. I booked this one because they had a 2WD/ 4WD rolling road, the premises look really professional, and they were also descibed as being good by the garage i use for my car (and these guys race 5 VW Cup cars). Its a bit frutrating when Claire, myself and the team put in so much effort only for you to make some flippant comments which seem to try an undermine the whole thing. There are people coming further than you mate, and they are up for it- simple reason is for a good day out with our passion that is all things Dub. Anyhow, im really looking forward to it for many reasons; meeting new people, seeing the cars perform on the rollers, and meeting the cracking lot of people i met at edition 38 and on the 'ring trip. Next RR day another location can be picked! Dont think anyone will have a problem with that- i for one like a road trip!