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  1. clint

  2. Stealth Racing has done it again!

    Superb figures. Couldnt believe those graphs, especially with the Shrick. Spoke to Vince 2day and we all need to know what its like from cold.
  3. i'm not sure why you get more when they have been charged but you need an oil catch pot. it fits on where the oil return is from your manifold. The oil is dripping down your MAF sensor.New version supercharger kits have these. i spoke to Raj and i am waiting for one.
  4. VWNW pics

    hats off to the fellows who showed their cars. i thought i,d check the standard before putting mine in. will be there next year. I agree you were all out of the way a little. A nice big banner next time. Girlfriend is know fully converted and wants a karmen ghia.(fat chance) we wasn,t to sure about the number of punch and judy vans though. as said before it was a good day with stunning weather. Cu all there next year. 8o)
  5. Sig's & Pic's Help?

    Does Scotland have blonde girls???
  6. Shit!! Wrong forum.. !amazed %-6
  7. Jacking points?

    At the back.... SORRY i couldnt resist...
  8. [poll] Where abouts do you live?

    leigh, lancashire. n west
  9. I bought my Vr 12 months ago. The guy who sold it to me said he changed the gearbox for an aftermarket number. The gearstick will twitch to tell you when to change gears if your driving in too low or high a gear. Is he taking the *iss or has anyone heard of anything like this? As you can tell with the time of this thread i cant sleep with worry..... ?!
  10. That turned out to be a four hundred pound question but all the same thanks a lot...
  11. i understood what Vince had said but i was under the asumption that you could have your car chipped as a modification in its own right .
  12. Ignore my thread in Members Cars i,ll try again In 3 weeks i will have a shiny new Shrick heading my way courtesy of the group buy. A reputable garage(mentioning no names but located at Hollins Green, Cheshire) has told me there is no need to have it chipped(re-mapped) when fitted. Is this only the case for already modified cars or will i gain any extra Bhp or torque by doing it together.. Please help as im very confused. What is the answer????
  13. oops should have put this in general. i am sorry..
  14. Excuse my ignorance but ive joined in with the group buy.So in 3 weeks i will have a new shiny Shrick. A fairly reputable garage (mentioning no names at Hollins Green, Cheshire) has told me that a chip isnt needed when fitting the Shrick. Would i get further gains in terms of Bhp or torque having it chipped (re-mapped) or is this only needed with already modified cars. Im very confused.....What is the answer?
  15. Mirrors

    mattig type b not as triangular and pointed as M3 get them from R+A Design