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      Will The Legendary VR6 Survive?
      For many years, the Volkswagen VR6 has been a trustworthy car to many, helping them to do exactly what cars were made for – getting them from A to B. However, in recent years, we have noticed the respected car brand producing less and less of the model, and all that people can ask is “why?” We know that technology has been on an all-time rise recently, particularly within the vehicle industry. However, the future termination of the VR6 is based on so much more, so I wouldn’t ditch your Honda for the VR6 just yet. Here’s why.
      Many Other Models Have The Same Engine, But Better
      Cars weigh tonnes – that isn’t rocket science. However car manufacturers are always working hard to ensure that the cars they produce are as light at possible The VR6 has a 2.0 turbo engine, which generates similar horsepower through the majority of its rev range. On top of this, the VR6 has more torque as well as a flat torque curve, which all sounds great, right? Well, several other cars on the market offer the exact same engine, except they’re lighter and also assist the car with handling and breaking. Take the Jetta for example – even the 2003 model is able to exceed the VR6 in terms of the engine. Plus, 4-cylinder engines are more than capable of over 300 horsepower, so the reason behind the manufacture of the VR6 has become rather blurry over recent years.
      Making Variations Will Be Too Expensive
      Volkswagen will always put blood, sweat and tears into their work to keep their customers happy, but sometimes this just isn’t feasible. Many people have adored the VR6 and will be sad to see it go, however creating new models with a smaller engine isn’t a practical move. Profit is the main priority for Volkswagen and if their inline-4 is able to provide a higher quality performance as well as better torque for a more cost-effective price, this will be more worthwhile for them than offering a wide selection of VR6 models.
      The VR6 Can’t Keep Up With Technology
      It’s incredible that in present day, we are seeing the introduction of driverless cars within the vehicle industry, and it’s outstanding technology like this that will be a factor contributing to the VR6’s downfall. Ultimately, people are purchasing cars with the knowledge that technology will improve the performance of the vehicle, whether in the braking systems or built-in satnav to make the navigation process much easier. With Volkswagen focusing on more technologically-savvy, efficient cars, the VR6 is unable to provide such innovations to consumers.
      Volkswagen Are Busy Working On Other Projects
      Whilst the VR6 has served the public very well over the years, it’s time to move on, and Volkswagen knows this. Currently, they are working on consolidating their platforms and drivetrains, such as the brand new 7-seater Atlas SUV. Ultimately, this car has the same fundamentals as the Golf, except the Golf is considerably smaller and compact. So, to keep all customers happy, Volkswagen are more worried about current and upcoming models as opposed to the VR6.
      Whilst the VR6 is clinging on for now, I wouldn’t hold your breath. With so many technological innovations revolutionising current cars on the market, and Volkswagen pushing out bigger and better cars, the VR6 has become a very small fish in a giant fishbowl. I think a farewell is definitely on the cards, but isn’t that just part of industry life?

    • VR6Pete
      Fastest Golf GTI Clubsport S outdid itself and sets a new record at the Nürburgring.

      The GTI Clubsport S managed to get around the legendary track in 7:47.19, which is about 2 seconds faster than its previous time. While the previous record (7:49.29) was set in April, this record attempt took place on October 26 in 8°C (46°F) conditions, which according to the company were perfect for keeping the car’s engine and tires working at their best. With this new record the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S has now even more widened the gap between him and the its fierce rival Honda Civic Type R (7.50.63).

      The heart and soul of the most track focused Golf in the history of the company is the 2.0-liter engine that delivers 310 hp/228 kW and 380Nm (280lb ft) between 1,700 and 5.300 rpm. That has been achieved thanks to the a new fuel pump, an optimized ECU and the aforementioned exhaust system. The car accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.8 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 260km/h (162 mph). Stopping comes from modified 17-inch brake system.


    • VR6Pete
      VW's new 496bhp 3.0-litre VR6 engine
      New 3.0-litre twin-turbo VR6 revealed in a series of technical illustrations Cutaway shots of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Design Vision GTI concept have revealed that it appears to use a new VR6 engine, as opposed to the previously rumored V6.

      Volkswagen has not confirmed whether the engine is indeed a VR6 but, judging by the configuration of the intake and exhaust systems, it seems likely to be the case.
      The new six-cylinder engine, which has a single cylinder head and a claimed 15-degree angle between its rows of cylinders, is said to displace 3.0 litres. Thanks to direct fuel injection and twin turbochargers, its output is stated to be a substantial 496bhp and 413lb ft.
      It's reputedly set to see service in future models, which may include high-performance versions of the Volkswagen CC and the recently unveiled Cross Blue coupé — although the engine will most likely be detuned for economy, emissions and drivability reasons.
      A senior Porsche engineer confirmed that the new Volkswagen engine was a narrow-angle VR6, but that it wasn't in any way related to new engines being developed for the Porsche Macan.

      It's not yet known whether the new unit is a development of an existing VR6 or an all-new engine, or if it will be available in UK models, but it is thought that its smaller capacity - compared to recent VR6 units - is a result of a Chinese-market specific tax break.
      Volkswagen has a long history of popular VR6 engines; the first were developed in the late 1980s and introduced in 1991 in the Corrado and Passat. 
      Later, the engine made its way into the Golf.

      The new Golf Design Vision concept, which is equipped with a transversely mounted 496bhp version of the new VR6, is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in a super-car-rivaling 3.9sec. Its top speed is 190mph.

    • VR6Pete

      Vince at Stealth Racing has very kindly offered a pair of tickets, to a lucky winner from either The Corrado Forum, or the VR6 Owners Club, for the British Touring Car Championship at Silverstone on the 18th September.

      Between us we decided that there will just be one winner from both forums, who takes both tickets - that way, you can get a mate to come with you, and won't just be going on your own.

      The rules are simple. Just visit our competition thread on our forum and reply with your name. You'll be entered into the draw. At the end of the deadline we'll put all the usernames of those who posted into a (virtual) hat and draw out a winner.

      Two things I want to say. Firstly, if you're a member of both forums, please just enter once. Secondly, if you know you can't actually make the event / date because of commitments don't bother entering as it's unfair on those who could actually make it.

      Timeframes are tight (we just got the tickets today) so we're going to set a closing date for the competition of Monday the 12th September at 6pm. This gives us plenty of time to get the tickets to you!
      The winner will be drawn using https://www.random.org/lists/

      Congratulations to @ssaunders on winning the pair of tickets!

    • VR6Pete
      We are pleased to announce the long awaiting return of a the VR6 Owners Club Feature Car.
      This month we would like to congratulate @matty.vrt on being selected for his monster build that is currently in progress and estimated between 800 - 100bhp once completed.
      We will leave you with the following photo to wet your appetite before reading on!

      Click the below link to view the June feature car!

    • VR6Pete
      Thanks to everyone who attended another action packaged Rolling Road Day, I think we can all agree that a fantastic day was had by all with some lovely cars and a friendly bunch of people attending as always!
      Thanks to Stealth Racing for sacrificing their Sunday to host the event! - www.stealthracing.co.uk

      Find below a full list of runners and results;


      We hope everyone had a great day

    • VR6Pete
      You can now access the VR6 Owners Club on the go with our new Mobile / Tablet Apps!

      Application Features:

      - Push Notifications
      - Private Messaging
      - Community Forum
      - Obtain help and support from our many members!
      - Image Upload
      - Showcase your car!
      - 'Like' Posts
      - Subscribe to popular news sources direct from our timeline.
      Download direct from your device by clicking the below icons.

      Download for Apple Devices 

      Download for Android Devices

    • VR6Pete
      Event Schedule
      Sunday 17th April: GTI Spring Festival -  (Spaces available) - The season opener, the club will be hitting Santapod with a 15 car club stand, we will also be meeting up breakfast at a local Toby Carvery for breakfast! Click here for more information and to register interest.
      Sunday 22nd May: Rolling Road Day Stealth Racing UK - (Spaces available) - Our annual Rolling Road is a laid back and enjoyable day, we have the provision to run around 30 cars on the Rolling Road at Stealth Racing UK. Click here for more information and to register interest.
      Sunday 18th June: Waterstock - (Spaces available) - A new show to the VW event Calendar that the club will be attending in Oxford, already has a lot of interest so if you would like to join the club then click here for more information and to register interest.
      Sunday 7th August: VW North West - (FULL) - Always a great show for the whole family and even your dog to attend! A popular show for a variety of VAG models. Click here for more information and to register your interest in the reserves list for this event.
      Friday 12th August - Sunday 14th August: VW Festival - (Spaces available) - Another popular show in the VR6OC events schedule, with club camping available for the weekend, we have provision for 15 cars again this year so be quick if you wish to secure your space on our club display. Click here for more information and to register your interest. 
      Saturday 3rd September - Sunday 4th September: VW Action - (Spaces available) - VW Action is an all out action packed weekend at Santapod, featuring fancy dress, antics, drag strip, show and shine, club competitions and much more! This year see's the event 40th Birthday so sure to be a special year! Club camping will be available again this year, and a great weekend usually had by all club members who attend the event! Click here for more information and to register your interest.
      We are adding more events to the schedule over the coming weeks, including a Karting Day, Tunnel Run and a Driving weekend in Wales! We hope you are looking forward to this years events as much as we are! 

    • VR6Pete

      Website Updates

      By VR6Pete, in Website News,

      Our Community Forums now has a FRESH new look and looks great on all devices! (Phone, Tablet, Desktop).
      We would really like to see all members contribute to our growing forum and put the website right back at the heart of the club!
      Some new features have recently been added that we want to tell you about!
      VR6OC Market Place / Classifieds
      We have completed a spring clean in our market place, which makes our website the ideal platform for selling and buying cars, parts and other items.
      We have added in a brand new website feature that lets you press a button to mark the item has been sold! this will lock the advert and update the advert name to indicate to other members the item has been sold! 
      Visit our market place now
      you can now poke other members of our website just for fun! well, why not? Who wants a poke war?!

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