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  1. Bodywork Body type 4/5 seater hatchback Number of doors 3 Designer Dimensions & Weights mm inches Wheelbase 2518 99.1 Track/tread (front) 1513 59.6 Track/tread (rear) 1487 58.5 Length 4149 163.3 Width 1735
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  2. VR6Pete

    VR6 Buyers Guide

    Thinking of Buying a VR6? then look no further than the VR6 Owners Club comprehensive buyers guide that covers most VR6 variants! The VR6 is now an aging beast, and if looked after will provide you with a lot of fun and many miles on the road! Like any car they have their "weak spots" and faults (lets not forget the infamous Corrado sunroof!). Read the following guide, print it out and take it with you when viewing any car! Remember the basics Make sure the engine is 'cold' when you go to see the car, if it’s warm there is probably something the seller wan
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  3. Download Golf VR6 Highline Brochure Introduction Back in the late 1980s, Volkswagen spotted a market niche. Buyers were starting to move away from Golf GTis and into more expensive sports saloons, like the BMW 3 Series. The draw of a smooth and powerful six-cylinder engine was proving very tempting for many. The six-cylinder Golf VR6 appeared in 1992, and was an instant success. At a stroke, it won back old customers and lifted the Golf upmarket. A new benchmark for high performance hatchbacks had been established. Models Models Covered: 3 & 5dr hatchback 2.8 V6[VR6, VR6 H
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  4. VR6Pete

    Detailers Guide

    Valeting & Detailing Planner For Your Ride Wash Weekly Intensive Detailing: Shuts/Jambs, under-engine area, name badges, etc. Monthly Paint: Pre-wax cleaner/polish Bi-annual Paint: Sealer/glaze Every 8-12 weeks Paint: Wax Every 8-12 weeks Trim Weekly Apply correct protector clean cracks Monthly Wheels Every Other week
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