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Corrado VR6 for sale (Bodywork Issues)

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Good Morning All,


Longtime Corrado owner but first-time poster so be kind!


I currently own a black, N reg VR6 Corrado. I have owned it for almost 5 years now after buying it off my previous manager. The car has almost 94k miles on it, which from the MOT history and the fact that I know the history of the car, are genuine. Due to new houses and other much less fun, adult things going on in my life, I have made/been forced into the decision to sell it.


The car is in mechanically tip-top condition. It's been both serviced by garages and looked after by myself, depending on the size of the job. During my ownership, I've replaced all discs, pads, wheel bearings, abs sensors, radiator, starter motor, plugs leads, heater matrix, upgraded wiring loom to name but a few. I have also changed the exhaust to a stainless cat back as the original exhaust was held together with welding, tape, and good will... Unfortunately, there is some rust starting to appear on the car. Nothing Major, round the wheel arches, a bit on the door and behind the VR6 badge.


I have made an attempt to sell the car before using a recommended and agreeable price (£4k) that I was given by a certain car sales website. I looked about online and it seemed to be one of the cheapest out there, especially when taking in to account the miles on the car. Advertised at this price just attracted punters offering ridiculously low figures and when I further lowered the price, it just further encouraged even lower offers! I got so fed up off this, I took the car off the market and it has been tucked up in the garage ever since.


I've come on here to seek advice for two points:


1. What sort of price should I realistically be looking for? Looking online, prices seem to be all over the shop?

2. Would it be worth the time and money to get it to a body shop and get the bodywork sorted? I.e. would I get back the money that I would be willing to spend on it?


I'm at my wits end with this so any help would be much appreciated!



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It’s a tuff one.


To start wrong time of the year to sell.


Condition is a big factor.


Rust hmm well If i see rust on the body work it would make me think what about the rust I can’t see!


Let’s not forget demand, which I don’t think there is much for the Corrado. I own one and love them, but let’s face it parts are nightmare to get.


So even tho £4000 maybe good there are a lot of factors that would put people off.



I hope this helps some.





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I would say you'd have to love to car and want to keep it to get the bodywork done. Unless you know someone that little lot could tot up to a couple of grand and you'll probably not get it back on the sale price and time soon.


Sadly it's worth a lot more in bits. Unfortunately a lot of them will be broken and that might mean those that love them and kept the sweet might have a valuable car on their hands. Maybe. They'll at least have a fantastic driving cool car whatever happens to prices!


I have one and have spent £2k on getting bodywork bits sorted. I will likely sink a respray in at some point too but I love the car. Even though something always wants fixing! 


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