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Ok so I changed the oil and filters on the VR today and now it doesn't start, it fires for a second and then dies. The battery's been disconnected for a while which I guess might have helped cause the problem?


Anyway on VAG-COM it shows 17978 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer & 01177 - Engine Control Unit - 65 - 10 Unauthorised - Intermittent 


So the immob has obviously decided I'm not allowed to run the car. From what I've read my options are;


1) Replace the reader coil (Maybe faulty)

2) Have the Immob on the ECU defeated (anyone know how much? United motorsport maybe?)

3) Recode the Key/Immob using VAG-COM (Would need instructions from somewhere)


So any thoughts on what's most likely the issue and best fix? Need to get it sorted ASAP as i'll be racing soon!



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Hi Guys, a few months later but, I have the same problem which left me at the side of the road on the way to work! Whilst I am English, I moved to France ten years ago. Three years ago my Dad said "Come to England and pick up the VR6. it's yours!". Today, I found myself in the shit with the same problem that you guys had! I'm having some trouble understanding what you finally did to "turn it off will 100% fix it".

She will start once after a battery disconnect and then BLOCKED! Disconnect the battery and, good to go ONE TIME ONLY!



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