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  1. Started to dismantle the interior to tackle the dreaded water in footwell issue ?
  2. Thanks for the input. I have had someone offer me the set for £50 posted, just waiting on him dismantling the car. In the meantime I'm ripping out my interior to tackle the dreaded water in footwell issue ?
  3. Hi guys, I recently ran in to a problem concerning my power steering. The 4mo has been off the road for around 10 months, with the odd jump start to make sure she is still alive. So I decided to book her in for an MOT next week to see what the damage is going to be (I knew she would need a few things anyway). I jump started her after coming from the garage, then moved her along the residential car park, when I noticed some white smoke and power steering failing. Upon parking up and looking under, I could see a leak from one of the pipes (see pic). I am wondering wher
  4. i have mk4 2.8 v6 4 motion but yeah that's basically what the description was
  5. yeah I got a mobile diagnostics out to check it over and came up with P1570 and P1650 codes, can't mind the description but it was to do with the reader coil
  6. I haven't had it looked at yet, funds forbid until payday =( called the vw garage near my mates as car is there still and they said they can't get me a rough price on anything until it's been looked at
  7. I have the same issue, happened to me on way back to Ayr from Santa Pod this weekend!
  8. Ah I didn't know that, was just going by what I was told . Did wonder why there was no spoiler though lol
  9. Sorry =( yeah it's anniversary model, cost me 2k. Only problem is it won't start atm, immobiliser issue
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