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Cams For 1/4 Mile

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Next weekend will be the final runs with the 2013 setup, After yesterday's Dyno session we knocked out 205.4@ the fly (164.3@wheels) and 311.7 (249.4) with the nitrous.

I already have some uprated valve springs a short runner inlet manifold (to try out) and plan to do a bit of match porting, but just wondering I'm running a set of re-profiled Piper 263 cams which have been fine but since it's coming apart is there a set if cams which would be better suited.

I launch at around 4k and spend the rest if the run around 5.5-6.5k so want sumit that will be good in that power band.

Have also looked into getting the bottem and lightened and balanced if I go real rev happy.

What would you suggest?, (yes it's staying NA)

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