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VR6 Variable Intake Manifold Bushings - No More Rattles!

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Before ordering, READ the caveat at the end of this thread!

From the designer of the bulletproof metal VR6 coolant pipe and metal radiator neck?.

Good news for Volkswagen MkIV VR6 owners!! I have designed and manufactured replacement intake manifold shift rod bushings to replace the faulty OEM bushings.

Part #10 in this pic


Failure of the OEM bushings are very common, and indicated by a rattling noise around 4000 rpm as the rod is changing over ? many think it?s the hydraulic lifters making the noise when in fact it is the plastic variable intake manifold shift rod bushings. VW will be happy to sell you an entirely new shift rod assembly for anywhere from $65-$95 depending on where its bought. Unfortunately, even if you did buy the expensive OEM VW shift rod, the bushings that come with it are the same problematic design that provide a poor fit against the intake manifold, and therefore do not last more than a couple thousand miles. After reading the forums, it seems that almost every owner of the Volkswagen MkIV VR6 engine experiences this problem over and over.

I have fabricated inexpensive replacement bushing sets, made from a stronger material which last longer than the faulty OEM VW bushings.


The replacement bushings have been tested for 2k miles (as of Jan 5 2005) and found to completely eliminate the intake manifold rattle so common to the MkIV VR6 engines. At a cost of only $30 including shipping, your cost is less than half of the ill designed VW part.

To install the new bushings, simply remove the intake manifold shift rod, remove the worn bushings, and install the new replacement bushings by snapping them onto the shift rod. A 15 minute task that will completely eliminate the rattles!




The replacement bushings can be purchased for $30 for set of 2 via paypal ? the paypal address is pi2060@yahoo.com. All orders will be promptly shipped. For orders OUTSIDE of the US, the shipping cost will be an additional $US 15.

Your support of this product will result in more indestructible VW parts brought to you me 

Caveat :

Back in November, a prototype set of bushings I designed were installed in a MkIV VR6. They have been running for about 2k miles with no rattles. Before the install, the owner reported rattling due to worn OEM bushings.

I know 2k miles isnt alot of mileage, so I have been waiting for more testing to occur. I know people want the replacements, and are tired of paying VW for a part that obviously doenst work.

If people want to go ahead with the prototypes, based on the short testing we have completed then that is OK by me. You have to understand that 10,20 or 30k miles down the road I dont know how well they will still perform. I wish I could afford to get 20 sets out to people for testing, but $$ is tight and machinist time isnt exactly cheap. I really dont want to screw anyone over here, and if an unforeseen problem did occur with the prototypes then I will switch to my "backup" design which is more costly, but may provide more longevity. In that worst case scenario, I would credit whoever bought them towards the "back up" design ($50) which would theoretically work well, based on the fact that it is essentially the OEM design with better material, and better dimensional tolerance. The back up design is a 2 part matched bushing set.

The investment in this "prototype" set isnt going to break the bank, and is considerably less expensive ($30) than buying the VW part which we all already know doesnt work.

Your satisfaction in this purchase is of the utmost concern to me, and I will stand behind all products I make and sell.



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yes and can be fitted to the mk3 as well.


obd2 only :(

anyone notice the plug leads? they have bits built in for you to remove them...very cool.

wonder if you could get all the kit sent over here for a reasonable amount of money....if i had an obd2 i'd be lookin into it right now.

[ Edited Thu Jan 06 2005' date= 11:33PM ]

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This post refers to the 3rd revision of the 12v VR6 engine, which was fitted to the Golf Mk4, but only in the US. It comes with a variable-length inlet manifold (similar to the Schrick) as standard. The bottom end of the engine is virtually identical to the OBD2 VR6 (although there are some reliability improvements).

I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these engines, preferably one with 20,000 miles or less on it!! :-)

It would bolt straight into a Mk3, the only fabrication work required being a mounting for the air filter, which moves over to the other side of the engine bay. There's none of this drive-by wire crap to sort out like with the 4Motion engine.

[ Edited Fri Jan 07 2005, 10:43AM ]

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