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well time has come to say goodbye .... :o(

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well the time has come to say goodbye, have had a lot of fun over the last few years, have just decided to move on to bigger and better things .....;(

thats rite the dirty derv is goin at last lol .... ha ha got u all

here are some last shots of her b4 she gets crushed in teh next few weeks .... if u have any of ur own which know some from inters have then feel free to add them ....

this is how i used to drive her and how she has stood for the last 3 months and stared up first time and only a little smoke lol

and yes the K is still missing from the rear number lol

the little white mark in the grille is the fag anna out in the grille at inters lol


still got my handy work down both sides from inters " VR6 OC SUPPORT CAR " LOL



all the rubbish in the boot as there wasnt enough room in the garage lol


a bit more rubbsih on the back seat ... like rubbing strips lol


the front with various trims missing that went in the cabby or the new track whore lol


and last but not least the power plant 1.9 TD ( not TDI ) lol ..... the turbo has gone any kinda speed bump let alone hill wont get over it, fans stay on all the time, various oil leaks ..... errr anything i have missed well prob yeah lol


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