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Ok guys , here we go...

My VRs only done 55k and its all verified with the main dealer s/h - although you could argue that the previous owner pulled the speedo plug on top of the gearbox everytime he did motorway miles in between services. Anyway, I had an Inspection 1 last week and everything was fine. Included in the inspection was a compression test and again this was fine, all fluid levels were also fine etc.

Now my car doesn't smoke at all under acceleration be it hard or normal but if I coast down a long hill in say 3rd or 4th and floor it at the bottom it smokes for a couple of secs with the throttle wide open, (its not reving hard just building up revs) then stops smoking.

The guy in the VW garage says that this is common on VRs and they do use a bit of oil and I should keep an eye on it. I asked if it was Stem seals and he says they don't usually suffer from that. It can't be rings or it would smoke under acceleration, so is my motor fucked or am I just being paronoid?

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Mine does that too (even with a brand new head on)

It's because the engine breathes heavily and oil vapour is lost through the crankcase. Oil goes through the pcv valve into the intake and is burnt off leaving a trail of blue smoke (always down a hill and never under acceleration). I've disconnected the pcv valve so crankcase vapours don't go into the intake and it doesn't smoke now. I'm sure this is the cause of the problem.

[ Edited Sat Aug 28 2004, 11:52PM ]

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In many cases, the cause of blue smoke on VR's is due to overfueling on the over-run i.e. when going down hill with your foot off throttle.

Whats actually happening, is that the ECU is putting too much fuel into the cylinders, and its washing the protective layer off the cylinder walls - cylinder washing - which is really bad as it causes wear.

Mightyvr6 - you are prob seeing this as you've played about with the MAF - and the ECU thinks its sucking air into the engine and supplying the fuel for this non-existent air.....


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yep - the oil and petrol causes the blue smoke.

look at it this way, if you leave a car running long enough with black smoke, given time and many miles, it will eventually turn blue due to wear. the excess petrol will be washing the oil film off the bores and you've got metal on metal contact.


[ Edited Sun Aug 29 2004, 08:04PM ]

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Highly unlikely thats its due to overfuelling on the overun - if so this wouldnt be the only time you would be getting visible burning oil - you would see it on all idle/off throttle conditions - ie the same fuelling situtation....

Defo either a crankcase breather problem or valve stem oil seals - vacuum is pulling the oil through.


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