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  1. Hi mate. That's a lovely motor. U got it all in one . My favourite car, colour and engine
  2. I am interested too. But than i need a manual gearbox, autobox already struggle with 204
  3. Vw t4 eurovan v6 AXK . America only.Europe v6 AMV. Both 24v 204 bhp The t4 AES from 96-2000 T4 longnose from 96 onwards to fit the engine
  4. Hi and welcome. Got any pics?
  5. I noticed that myself in the other forum. It started when the app wasn't supported no more. People struggle to access with tapatalk, i personal don't like it nether. + we a dying species [emoji6]
  6. Hans 24v


    Hi all. Don't know i am belong here. I have seen lots of golf's , do it have to be a golf ? Anyway live in the Doncaster area but i am German, I got a 2.8 24 V code AXK eurovan. I will have some questions about engine and possible gearbox. I am in a t4 forum, they is lots of help about t4's and they are a super nice bunch of guys, Unfortunately most vans are diesel or smaller petrol engines, I put a few pics from the van on. Thank's in advance everyone
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