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  1. Hi Are there any codes present via the obd ? Mark
  2. Pretty sure there is a lower cover for the chain which is not linked to the sump. I would suggest using a magnet to try and pull out your bolt. You may be forced to remove the lower cover but to get access you will need to undo the engine mounts and jack it up Hope that helps Mark
  3. Do you have a v6 4 motion by any chance ? This will be a mk4 with the 24v engine
  4. Now I understand. Crankshaft position sensor as I know it. That explains a lot Regards Mark
  5. Hi Has this sensor replacement fixed the issue ? I don’t understand why this would cause the engine to cut out. It would seem to me quite dangerous for the engine ecu to take that decision and rather would enter limp mode if running ? Just a thought Regards Mark
  6. Hi If you contact your local Vw garage they should be able to give you a pipe schematic diagram I did have one somewhere I’ll try and dig it out if I can What is your engine code ? Regards mark
  7. The more I think about it the more it seems the immobiliser signal to the fuel pump. I would just remove this from the fuse box wiring and be done with it ! Do you have a smaller fob which you have to touch on the dash to start like a toad alarm or something ?
  8. Hi Kola Can you tell me what keys/immobiliser system you have for the car. If you have the conlog setup then I may be able to help. When you say the car doesn’t start can you be more specific I.e does the engine turnover but not start or does it not turnover at all ? If the latter it’s most likely the immobiliser signal to the starter. If it’s the former then it could be the immobiliser signal to the fuel pump In either case my recommendation would be to remove these circuits (fairly easy job and I’ve done it) Check in your glovebox to see if you have the slot for your keyfob and this will confirm if you have the factory fitted conlog system If you have then when faced with the non start issue place your fob in the slot and see if it starts Let me know how you get on With regards to your auto box there is a transmission range sensor which detects which gear you are in and prevents starting in any gear other than park or neutral. If this signal is not present or not correct then this could prevent you from starting the car. Doesn’t explain the car cutting out though I will give this some more thought Kind regards mark
  9. Bouncing revs on start up

    I would start by checking your vacuum pipes as quite often if there is even a small leak this will cause idling issues and stalling. Also check your main air intake pipe after the air box and check there are no splits in it. Sometimes the split can be small so if in doubt remove the pipe and water test it. See pic Let me know if this helps Cheers mark
  10. engine problems

    Hi there I had a similar issue on my 96 vr6. It turned out to be the immobiliser which was wired to the fuel pump. You can check this by listening for the pump to engage on the first turn of the ignition key. In the end I joined the pump feed directly as the immobiliser was faulty. As mentioned though it could be a number of things eg fuel pump relay or your maf sensor Have you checked all the obvious stuff ? Mark
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  12. VW Golf Mk3

    VW Golf Mk3
  13. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1996) Date Added: 16 January 2014 - 05:13 PM Owner: markie Short Description: 1996 VR6 Golf with air con and leather interior , induction kit , stainless exhaust and custom ICE . Lowered with Angel eye headlights . View Vehicle
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