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  1. Clutch return spring

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161480005277 If that is the part you have bought there is no more parts to it. Looks same as the one i had to refit on my mk4 1.8t after the pedal broke. Quite tricky to get lined up, the white end goes onto the pedal and the grey part rests in a recess on the pedal box. Upside down with head looking up from the pedals is the only way in. I cable tied mine to create some space, but in the end it was a combination of fingers and a screwdriver pushing down on it that got it seated. Probably some luck too, was a pain in the backside and neck [emoji23]
  2. Replacement clutch and flywheel

    Hi, Pretty sure the clutch on my vr6 (97 108k) is nearing the end of its life; pedal fairly heavy and biting point high but not slipping yet. I have always heard of the g60 flywheel and vr6 clutch upgrade for the mk4 1.8t set up, but my question is it something i should be doing to my car or not? Does this only benefit the 1.8t when power is increased or is there a benefit to it being done to a stock vr6? Thanks
  3. Project Ripped Off

    Nice, great it is still alive. I was a bit late to the build thread [emoji1]
  4. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

  5. Hi, My vr6 arrived last week, all the way from Norwich. Offside half of chin splitter got smashed going onto the truck, but otherwise arrived unscathed. 108k, fair amount of bills and original service book. Standard apart from coilovers. Radio was removed as part of the deal, stuck one in I had lying about for the last 10 years and fitted a new drivebelt that came with the car.
  6. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    Thanks, its drivers side i need [emoji106] Got a new splitter awaiting collection from post office too! Cheers
  7. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    Wee wash and a run today
  8. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    Was out a drive Sunday night and as reaching national speed limit, what i thought was lower cover i removed to change belt blowing away, turned out to be this.. If anyone has this part, bottom front lip of front offside arch liner please let know. Also need offside front spoiler half [emoji106]
  9. Mystic blue rust free wings

    Looking for a pair of rust free, Mystic blue wings. Let me know what you have available. Thanks
  10. Ford Escort vr6.

    Did you get this finished? Hope you did [emoji106]
  11. 1997 golf vr6 project rebuild.

    Long time since last post, but any updated pics of it? [emoji106]
  12. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    When the car arrived it had no grommet fitted below the aerial. Wee bit of silicone sealant evident. I purchased a "2 for less than 3 quid inc delivery" aerial grommet/seals supposedly suitable for mk3 golf. When fitted it became quite obvious the claims were nonsense. This introduced a drip into the car which a towel below the headliner was recruited to the stop the flood. VW couldn't find a part number when i called, but i found one online and ordered the kit from them; £11 Fitted today Part number for base seal, o-ring and nut is 3B0051751
  13. Just bought a MK4 VR6

    Good choice on the exhaust [emoji106] K&N are one of the originals, RamAir and Pipercross are good also. Anyone else any first-hand experience with induction kits on their VR?
  14. My Corrado vr6 today.

    That is a lovely looking thing. Do you have a thread in members rides?
  15. Just bought a MK4 VR6

    Carry out a good service first, oil, filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, haldex oil and filter and have it scanned for fault codes. Then once that is completed upgrade the exhaust, fit an induction kit of some kind with a heat shield then its on to upgrading brakes and suspension
  16. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    . Typed the reg plate in online and this pic came up
  17. http://wiki.the-corrado.net/vr6_belt_tensioner_pulley_repair.html Link to page with active photos. Will be doing this over the weekend! thanks to the author
  18. [SOLD] mk3 Golf Vr6

    As above, time of year is against you just now. Is it advertised anywhere else? to get decent bread I would avoid ebay, facebook, gumtree etc... and try listing on autotrader, car and classic or pistonheads Good luck!
  19. Steering wheel

    if it is a standard oem wheel you have I would reckon ebay would have some for a fair price. or try local gumtree for a mk3 being broken or head down the local scrappy. To get it recovered search for a local car interior trimmer; http://doncastertrimmers.co.uk/ https://www.doncasterleathercare.co.uk/car-leather-repair-cleaning-doncaster/ good luck!
  20. Hi!

    Hi All, Owned a black 1992 Vento VR6 2007-08 which in hindsight I should have kept. Car went south to Liverpool and was scrapped October 2010 To this day I feel I let the car down. Now I await delivery of an R plate Mystic Blue 5door VR6. Looking forward to hearing that noise again! Also own a mk2 16v, mk2 2.0 8v, mk4 stage 1 1.8t, mk4 gt tdi 130 and a 1986 Nova 1.2 Antibes. Looking forward to absorbing some knowledge on here. Richard
  21. Project Ripped Off

    That sits really nicely [emoji106] think i remember this car in PVW in its previous guise
  22. My first car

    Any updates on this? Love a home brewed conversion
  23. Nice find! We didnt get the syncro over here
  24. Vento VR6

    That looks great, one colour where the black plastic trim enhances the look. I realise this post was a year ago now