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  1. Dear all, Many thanks for the interest, the Car, complete, has now sold. Many thanks Richard
  2. Hi Mark, I have had a big money offer for the VSR from Canada (£1800 equivalent). As such, for the complete engine I would like around £2400. It is a cracker. I have only just advertised it after taking the sad decision to break the car, so not in a particular rush. However, it has to go. The Engine is still in the car, I can take photos this weekend for you if you want. Let me know what you think. Regards Richard
  3. Hi, I am breaking my Corrado, part of which is my tuned engine, with VW motorsport VSR, Big valve head, Shrick (268) cams, lightened crank pulley, Wavetrac LSD. I have all the associated vacuum work for the VSR, which was fitted by Vince at Stealth racing many years ago. I have not yet taken any parts off the car and looking to gauge interest for the engine whole, or whether to break the engine as well. The Engine has done 180k miles, it had done around 60k when I bought the car in 2001. It is a strong engine, the big valve head was new at around 100K. Pleas
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