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    D4RK reacted to p0u1 in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    Like I said I got a gt30 im installing, allready looking at a gt35 lol.
    hopefully I'll get mine done for next month, I'll upload some videos if I do.
    insurance starts 1 of April so I got to get it done :-P
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    D4RK reacted to RBPE in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    HX40 are 70lb/min compressors, turbine housing's vary from 14 to 20+ cm£ on them. 14cm will be best for lower hp <500hp or so, then 16/17cm ones will do for 550hp+. I can get brand new Wuxi ones for around the same price as the Compressor Racing ones so never a need to pay more than £400-500 for a new HX35 or 40, although CR do get some Huddersfield ones and hybrids but I'd budget that price for a Holset (or Cummins if you want to do your homework).
    Cast or forged won't make that much difference on the crank, if any! in terms of reliability as they are all the same material, it's not like they upgraded the material like aftermarket parts so negligible gains to be had. I'm helping a guy on here DIY tune his mk5 using a 24v crank for R30, will see how they hold up - 8.7:1 compression it gave;
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    D4RK reacted to p0u1 in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    Look forward to the build thread, sounds like you have a good group of friends to help out.
    I believe 400hp is not unreasonable on a stock block, there was someone ruining a caddy at 600hp with a stock 12v block lol
    Think he got a good few miles in before it went bang, if I remember correctly a piston melted.
    If your changing rods and pistons I think there pretty safe around 500hp, of course its normally a bad tune that kills a motor or a bad waste gate.
    As for welding I'm doing my own, maybe I shouldn't looking at my end results haha.
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    D4RK got a reaction from Flylow in 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion   
    Hey guys. Newbie to the board nice to meet yas. but I am also just starting in 4 weeks an AUE 24v turbo conversion but I'll be using a .82ar hx40 with a t3 flange and a few mods, forged etc I'm using a sidewinder that we are gonna custom make. I'm over in the UK too. 
    I've just been toying with r30 tbh. But I'm struggling to find a r32 block at the right money. 
    Good thread. I can't get enough of this forum.... 
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