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  1. Yeah they're not a bad crowd mate and it's all real close friends too. I was hoping to be up in the 600s tbh lol the plan was a stable base tune to round 450 500 get it running right then slowly turn the wick up once it's run in over a few Dyno sessions. Can't be bad lol well it's defo having rods bearings rings pistons ARP hardware top n bottom as well. Yeah I hear that one. Ironically that's the bit I'm most confident about haha. From what I gather Vinnie at stealth is one of the few worldwide gurus on this engine. Haha yeah that's pretty m
  2. It's a 1 Mines a 16cm. Yeah they're not expensive at all for what they are really. At least if I kill it it's not a massive expense to replace just the turbo. I don't expect it to be straight forward either lol. Yeah I know it won't make any odds to the crank. I was under the understanding that the crank was good for 600 anyway is that not correct? I'm sure I've seen somewhere a 24v r30 with a 2.8 crank and a 3.2 block? I could well be wrong tho. What crank would you suggest for what I'm doing then bud? Ive only ever built up 4pots so im not familiar with this
  3. from what I gather this hx40 is somewhere in between the gt35 and gt40 so I wasn't sure if it was too big myself lol but then it was going on a high hp 1.8t when I started it. I'd quite like to push it but I'm just dreading at what point where have to play the drivetrain game. ? Compressor racing in the UK sell quite a few of the s series too so would be worth firing them an email id say. What sorts boost does a 24v hold out too? With forged internals. That's quite, errrr, small? lol
  4. Hey guys. Newbie to the board nice to meet yas. but I am also just starting in 4 weeks an AUE 24v turbo conversion but I'll be using a .82ar hx40 with a t3 flange and a few mods, forged etc I'm using a sidewinder that we are gonna custom make. I'm over in the UK too. I've just been toying with r30 tbh. But I'm struggling to find a r32 block at the right money. Good thread. I can't get enough of this forum....
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