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  1. Crystal/red clusters

    Hi guys I'm selling a pair of mk3 crystal/red rear clusters which are in great condition with the very minor surface scratch (me being picky) only reason selling is as purchased a different style set for my vr6. Any info just drop me a message. £35. Thanks again
  2. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    Bennyk can you PM me your number?
  3. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    Benny K sorry for late reply been out the country. Do you still have these mate [emoji3]
  4. 16" Dare BBS rep alloy wheels/tyres

    Based in West Midlands Telford. Jonathon still have them, they have had no extra miles put on at all since the pics were taken. May keep them as a spare set if they don't sell. Thanks for replying back mate and apologies it took so long for me to get back to you [emoji106]
  5. 16" Dare BBS rep alloy wheels/tyres

    Hi Jonathon really sorry I've only just picked this message up. I still have these alloys. Are you still interested and in need of anymore info?
  6. Carter's Matte Grey MK3 VR6

    Looks quality mate
  7. 16" Dare BBS rep alloy wheels/tyres

    Not a problem at all. They are not collecting any miles at all and will still be mint condition when your ready mate [emoji106]
  8. 16" Dare BBS rep alloy wheels/tyres

    Hi buddy No thanks, I've found the alloys I'm after [emoji106]
  9. Mods

    Thanks Mate, [emoji3]
  10. Hi guys, I've decided to sell my Dare 16" BBS replica alloys with virtually brand new tyres all around. I'm going for a complete different style of look for my VR6. There a great set of alloys and look the part. There is only a slight kerbing on one alloy and that's me being honest. Looking for £400ono for the alloys and tyres.
  11. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    Yes mate mine is mystic blue. Shall I pm you? Would like to do a deal on these if possible mate?
  12. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    What's your thoughts mate do you think the colour will go with the colour on my motor?
  13. Rear lights now changed

    Are they the ones bennyk owns? I was going to buy his ones on the red vr6 he owns. They look really nice. These alloys I have at the moment are really nice but not sure they do the car enough justice for the look I'm going for. Tough choices lol
  14. Rear lights now changed

    Thanks mate [emoji3] Looking to change the alloys. Contemplating on going for compomotive th mono's
  15. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    Still tempted to have these on mine, not sure if it will look as nice on mine as yours 3 door? You're car looks immaculate [emoji106]