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  1. Hi everyone now iv got a noise coming from front d/s hub area it's like a rubber squealing and creaking and burning every now and then but the squealing is horrible now could it be cv joint it stops when I touch throttle but when of throttle it's noisy again. I'm lost now can't find prob. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi everyone on way to my mates today to put car on a code reading machine and I was driving all a bit sluggish then it just start firing on 5 plugs it was horrible no power sounded terrible worse than my old stock car then I got to my mates before we put it on the reader I pulled out new spark plug leads he found that one was weaker by checking power ov leads and one was down on numbers I don't understand it all so changed the one lead and bang the car was back to full throttle again no loss of power so it was a broken lead in the end after Changing everything oh well should be good for a whil
  3. Hi mate nice car I have had the abs pump fail I was driving one day and this idiot reversed out onto a main road I had to brake hard and found out to my cost that abs affected my back bias brakes and it just spun in the road like someone pulled up my hand brake thaw car lost control and crashed. It's very important to sort your pump out before you have to use them hard. Just a warning mate. Be careful
  4. Trying to get one this week but no good will get it done again hopefully this weekend I'll get back to u as soon as mate thanks mark
  5. I changed it as iv got another vr using Vw petrol pump of that and still the same. I'll try a cleaner any good ones mate u know ov or just get some redex cheers mate
  6. Cheers mark iv changed crank sensor cam sensor new plugs new pump new petrol filter done relay. And changed maf and it still is the same. Now it's seems more reg cutting out every now and then at lights Ect stuttering in various rev ranges a lot in low revs between 12000 when u drive at 30 mph. Range a lot ov loss ov power u can put your foot on on power and it's not there then put your foot down past it and it drives fine through gears goin to change leads c if it could be them dought it but Got to try. I'm at the end ov thoughts Gona c if my mate can look at electrics head shot. On this.
  7. Hi what was the prob in the end as I'm having stutter problems
  8. Hi prob with vr6 mk3 it's like a little miss of engine on low revs between 1000 and 2000 just about 15 16 revs it's sometimes cuts out iv Changed coil pack sparkplugs petrol pump maf crank sensor and still it missing every now and then I'm lost now of what gti do next prob cam sensor is all that's left and iv done fuel filter any advice please I know it's a common fault but tried everything I know that can cause a miss at low revs only a second it missus for then picks up again. Help please it's doin my head in now.
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