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  1. Nice one, thanks, I'll get some of those ordered too then. You don't happen to know any other common sizes in that area, involved in securing the front bumper on do you? I've got a few random ones missing from around there but can't remember which ones exactly..
  2. Thanks, I've ordered a pack of 10 from the 'bay for £1.50.. can't go too far wrong there Only concern is the real thing has a smaller unthreaded bit at the end which obviously isn't there on a regular M6x25 bolt but worst case scenario I can always cut the end off the bolt. What do you mean by the lowers? Some of the bolts fixing the lock assembly further down, or something else? Ta
  3. Not a bad idea, only issue is there's then pretty much nothing holding it in place at all! Let's call that a last resort. I've managed to get a part number (N90807301) so now just gotta find a place to get it from in the UK Thanks
  4. Hey guys, My bonnet is getting a little tricky to open and I suspect it's because I've removed the bolts holding the lock carrier and the rest of the front of the car in place and failed to resite some of them for a number of reasons including rusted to **** bolts, rounded heads and even snapped bolts. As a result the lock carrier is missing two bolts at present and there's a fair bit of play in it. Now I'm slightly concerned that one day I'm going to try to open the bonnet and not manage to get in so looking to buy some replacement bolts - primarily for the lock carrier but figured it'd be
  5. It was a dying crankshaft sensor. Replaced it yesterday and no problems since Wrote a guide up also - see here.
  6. DIY - crankshaft (engine speed) sensor replacement - VW Golf Mk4 V6 4MOTION (2.8L 24V, BDE) PS - my car is RHD so passenger side is on the left I won't touch on why you might want to do this, but if you do, hopefully this will provide some guidance There may be better ways of doing it but this worked for me. I may have missed one or two screws to be undone so use common sense. Don't do this work on the car while it is hot - you will burn yourself, it is very tight. Estimated time: 1-1.5hrs for stage 1, 5-10mins for stage 2, 2-3hrs for stage 3, 1.5-2hrs for refitting of the front of th
  7. Hi all, had my 4mo for over a year now but just signed up on a recommendation. I've had a bit of engine trouble and was hoping for some help with diagnosing/fixing it if anyone has any thoughts on the below. Thanks in advance! Car is a 2002 VW Golf 2.8L V6 4mo 24V (engine code BDE). I was driving back home a couple of days ago and had a sudden loss of power and it wouldn't let me rev over ~2,200rpm, so clearly in limp home mode. It threw an engine malfunction light and code P0322, Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal. It did something similar once before a few days before
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