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  1. 4 Reasons Why Volkswagen's VR6 Engine Is Dying

    Why does this man say that the mk4 R32 is the true 3.2? What is the difference with the mk5 R32?
  2. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    Just looked at the vid on insta and i followed you, but i have the very first spec cluster. the older one than this one. the one with the concave dials
  3. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    So did this work any good?
  4. Mk1 Vr6 update

    Hi James... Did you drop the engine in from the top or the bottom? I recently fitted the R32 engine into my mk1 and i struggled to get it in from the top. This was a first test fit, i would also like to neaten and probably shave the engine bay, but the way i struggled was terrible i knocked the bay a number of times.
  5. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    Hi Pete. Thank you bro this is very helpful. I will ask them about the R32
  6. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    I'm also looking to swap a R32 into my mk1 and would like to know how this will work please.
  7. Mk1 Vr6 update

    Any updates?
  8. doughnut anyone?

    Got dizzy just watching this guy. Nicely done!