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  1. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    Here a video of it running, think ive got one of it next to the obd reader, ill see if i can find that too https://www.instagram.com/p/BOpWi0YgFK_/
  2. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    Yeah! Works perfectly easy to install too. i tested it against a obd 2 reader that had a digital rpm and it matches percetly to the tach
  3. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    I have bought one of these units, very small and reasonably priced! haven't had a chance to install it yet but on the surface it looks the part. It has loads of options for cylinder conversions, ill let you know how well it works!
  4. upper rad hose connector n90723001

    the plastic connector that is about 4 inches from the top of the rad, it connects the 2 large hoses and then tees off to the header tank. mine has cracked at the base of the T. it seems almost impossible to find this part online, i see a later hose that was 1 piece, i dont mind buying one of those but wanted to see if anyone has one of these t pieces laying around first, or any other alternative! like this but original vw plastic http://www.urotuning.com/42-Draft-Mk3-VR6-Stainless-Steel-Y-Adaptor-p/42-931-002.htm Thanks
  5. Fuel Pump power

    Should the fuel pump start as soon as i turn the ignition on? or does it only start when you turn the engine over? When ignition is on, i'm only getting 6v at the pump, I've traced it back and the relay has 12v supply on the control circuit and power circuit, fuse is good, I've just put a new 167 relay in also. When i turn the key to turn the engine over, the fuel pump does get the full 12v Just want to check if this is how it should be? Thanks
  6. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    I'm building a MK1 caddy VR6, using original MK1 clocks and im wondering how to get the rev counter work? I've read some bits about resistors and diodes but it is for mk2 gear so wasn't sure it would be the same. I am using all of the mk3 ce2 wiring and have just spliced the dash looms together
  7. Golf 2.8l VR6 Downpipe

    Ill PM you
  8. Golf 2.8l VR6 Downpipe

    Im searching for a cheap downpipe to cut and fit into my mk1 caddy just so i can get it running, will be replaced by a full system later. Either that or a couple of the triangular flanges that i can weld some pipe to as a temporary job. Im located in folkestone, can collect within about 50 miles, otherwise it'll need to be posted. Thanks
  9. Apologies if this is covered in another thread, i've been searching the net for a few hours now and i am still confused?! I've put a vr6 into my mk1 caddy, using the complete mk3 loom and have spliced it into the mk1 dash loom. its an obd2 with air con (which i have removed). I have a custom radiator made up, with 2 spal fans that i am trying to wire in. I have a 4 pin socket, and i am wondering what is the best way to wire the fans in? I would like to keep the low/med/high functionality if possible. Can i just connect the 3 speed wires to the fans via diodes? (like the chap did in this thread http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5637123-Aftermarket-radiator-w-slim-fans-need-feedback-on-my-wiring-plan&p=77331329&viewfull=1). Should i look at removing anything else that was AC related, i understand the 3rd speed is there because of the AC? therefore its now redundant? Thanks
  10. immobilizer removal

    bump, finally managed to get to a stage where I can wire the car up, seem to have mis-placed the key for the mk3 loom... I cause too many problems for myself!
  11. immobilizer removal

    Hi, bit confused about what i want to do (may have been looking in the wrong places) Basically, ive just transplanted my 2.8 aa vr6 into a mk1 caddy, and am now in the process of removing the wiring from the golf to transfer over. I can imagine i will have issues with the immo and therefore want to know how easy it is to remove? i have seen cheap Chinese chips that are meant to do the job but im not interested in them And if i am successful with the removal of this, should i consider removing anything else? Thanks
  12. P/S and A/C removal

    Great, just had a look at your thread, remember reading it now and asking about the pedal box, will be interesting to hear how you got on with the mk1 clocks as this is what i intend to do aswell!
  13. P/S and A/C removal

    Hi, i've had a search around but can only find information on US sites about this task. I am removing the power steering and aircon as the engine is going into a mk1 caddy. My main question is what belt do i require I think i need a 6pk1105 (6 Rib one sided 43.5inch long) belt, found one here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dayco-6PK1105-Poly-Rib-Belt/dp/B009ZQNVB0 If anyone has experience in this it would be greatly appreciated Also if there is anything more i need to do like blanking holes or removing items, that would be great to know Thanks
  14. Mk1 Vr6 update

    thanks for the reply, have never looked on their site before, this is just what i was looking for!
  15. Mk1 Vr6 update

    looks awesome! i am just about to put a vr into my mk1 caddy, wondering which pedal box you have there?