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  1. Alright, I figured i'd try here because all of you actually own a VR. Now im in the U.S. for you guys across the pond, in the U.S., we recieved a Mk4 also with a 12v VR engine, my question is will a Mk3 VR downpipe & cat fit my Mk4 12v? (Mk4 12v downpipe & cat are one piece like the 24v) As far as I know the only difference between the two engines is in the head & intake. Any help is appreciated
  2. Ill be sure to once I start up in spring, first I gotta pick up my new body, dont have any good pics of it, but its a red gti with euro rear bumper, and 20th side skirts and front lip, and a very clean interior
  3. Well as it is I got a refresh kit for the block, arp hardware, new piston rings, but the crank, rods, and pistons will remain stock, unless when I get in there I notice a problem. I plan to get new rods and pistons in 2ish years when I go to boost it. Just because the stock block is so strong im just gonna leave it as is. Its a 240k mile engine, so its getting a whole lot of new outside the engine too, including a rolling chassis the engine will be going in, my current body is falling to bits. Have a recommendation for when I get to that step?
  4. Hello everyone, im glad to have joines the vr6oc and im looking forward to receiving all my paperwork. Come this summer i will be starting a long process build on my Mk4 12v VR. Its going to be mostly a huge refresh at first, but Im going to work on the head a bit, then the block and various other parts as time goes by. So that being said im always open to recommendations or tips!
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