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  2. hi all i am now back in the world of vr6 again after having a fourth kidy and having to sell all my toys for a loft convertion ..now have a vr just for racing so will b on a trailer witch means i can go mad with making it lighter and louder and faster than my last vr............will post pics allong the way to show what i am doing 8o|
  3. dlea,s new strip toy

    Now done 3 events with the new spool in the box snapped 5 shafts in the first 2 so now back on 195 road tyres to stop braking shafts , on the up side got a new pb of 13.72 with no gas and that is on road tyres so mutch more to come when I get better shafts and tyres
  4. Winter plans for your VR6?

    Make it lighter remove abs poss spray mat black fit new diff and drag tyres
  5. Best quarter mile time

    2.2 .60 ft 12.70 quarter @ 112 mph , odb1 standard motor striped out inside with 100 shot of noz
  6. dlea,s new strip toy

    Slics and a 100% lock up diff for next year and loose some more weight so hopefully mid 13s with no noz and low 12s with noz
  7. dlea,s new strip toy

    Update fuel cell gone with standard tank back in 100 jets 12.70 .112 mph all good
  8. Cheers fella and thanks for all the support on the mound and the grandstand family was will impressed with all the noise when I got it
  9. Top weekend and a new pb 12.70 .112 mph well happy
  10. Cheers Pete , my car looks like crap no need to lie lol , see u all there
  11. I am going but will b camping in the family camping area as all family coming
  12. dlea,s new strip toy

    Tryed 100 jets at gti inters , track was por no grip and span 2nd and 3rd got 13.4 but term speed was 112 mph so when I get grip 12s is deffo there
  13. 1/4 mile - What am I doing wrong?

    Is yer car striped out I get 13.8 na and 13.1 with 75 shot of noz it's a 5 dr mk3 on r888 225/50/15 . I get 2.1 sixty foot
  14. Sorry am not on the stand but will b racing both days going for 12s so prob b fixing it to lol
  15. Let's see how the week goes may be better Friday wil let u no fella
  16. Working on the vr all week to get it ready b good if we can meet half way on Tuesday or wensday evening if not can meet u at a m6 sevice station on Friday evening up to u
  17. The last person there can bring it to me in the pits if I ain't there someone will b or just leave them on my trailer
  18. Am there all weekend fella hopefully Friday night to
  19. I can take banners Pete I am going Friday or sat morn early
  20. VW Festival 2013 Friday 16th- 18th August

    We used to always have a stand here sad to see no 1 is interested not every 1 lives down south
  21. dlea,s new strip toy

    Cheers Pete cheeting with nos tho, 13.8 without it