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  1. Yes but I won't go mad with it as a shorter throw requires more effort and a more notchy feel to the shift.
  2. Ok this may seem a little unfair to those who have asked me to let them know when I have a shifter but I've had a lot of people PM me and to be honest it's getting difficult to keep track of things along with my other commitments. I've got 2 shifters that will be ready middle of next week so I'm going to say first come first served from today will get their name on them. I will have 2 more the week after but the good news is I'll have them 'in circulation' so provided the standard shifters are returned to me quickly then the supply should be fairly quick. I don't have a problem with people
  3. I'm waiting for some photos so I can update the guide.
  4. Price is on the first post. As I've confirmed today that this is going ahead can anyone wanting one please send me a PM as confirmation of you wanting one. Apologies to those who have already PM'd me but I'd like to start from today to keep things organised if you understand. Thanks. Dave
  5. Just got back from Matt's place. As said he's very happy with it and it does feel good when shifting between gears albeit sat on his drive without the engine running. So I'm happy to supply these but need to modify the Corrado install guide to suit the Golf. For me to successfully supply these I do rely on standard shifters being returned to me. Thanks Dave
  6. Thank you Pete. If all has gone well with Matt I should be able to start selling these in about a week. Dave
  7. Update - I've dropped the shifter into matt yesterday for him to trial it, I await his response.
  8. Bit of a delay with this but hope to get it moving again in the next few days.
  9. sedge, I live in Sandiacre, where's your mot being done?
  10. I've had a forum member come forward to tryout the shifter who is fairly local to me so hopefully I'll be doing it this weekend, just need to confirm a day and time. I'll report back with the results.
  11. Lots of questions and I'll try to answer best I can....... I'm not familiar with the Golf so not sure if fitting is the same as the Rado. On the Rado you can either drop it out from underneath or cut a small section of the body out (hidden under the gear gaitor). I can email the Rado install guide but I can't guarantee it'll suit the Golf. I can shorten the throw but again I'm not sure how much I can go on the Golf. As soon as I can prove this works the sooner I can start supplying them. I'll guess at least a month away. Major Lucky, are you using the Rado G60 shifter in your Golf? Yea
  12. I've been asked if I can supply short shifters for the Golf Mk3 as I already do for the Corrado Forum, link here - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=61985&highlight=tunnel Photo here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3G5ikFakLqGdDc2ZUp6YnlzYkk The Golf shifter is very similar to the Corrado shifter but they are NOT the same or interchangeable, I've taken a Golf shifter and a Corrado shifter complete with the Ali mounting frame and compared the two and they are very similar. The details are - Forward and back reduction only. Neutral to gea
  13. Hi, just joined up, I own a Corrado VR6 and am just off M1 J25.
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