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  1. Are Mk3 Vr6 cable throttle? or Electronic? If controled by cable, try releasing the throttle cable and let the throttle body return home, bay be getting stuck.
  2. The motors are small black boxes with a white gear on top, and looks like a ball on a stick the other end.. They just fit in the same place as originally and plug them in. 5 mins.
  3. I need to do the rear beam bushes on my 4motion. Its making a knock as I go over bumps. Has anyone done this themselves before? Don't want to pay a garage for something I can do. Also would you use pollybushes?
  4. So I've bought some. They are from FK Automotive Projector lights. bought them from a guy on Ebay £120.00 with the ballast boxes and bulbs Etc. what do you guys think?
  5. At that price for coilovers you cant go wrong. Mine needs a new set of bushes, and rear dampers. Might have to hit the plastic.
  6. inlet maniflod leak, extra air getting in? maybe
  7. Try this mate? http://www.gtishrine.com/windowreg.php if not check part numbers, Stealer's wouldn't make to different motors if they didn't have to, if they match rock on.
  8. It should just be a case of turn on the ignition, have the windows fully down, then hold the button in the (do up) position fully until it is full closed then release the button. The window should now know the distance you want it to travel. so when you hit it next time it should work. That's how I did mine when I disconected the battery.
  9. Hi thanks for replying, I have reset the light and today its back. The two lambda codes are back Oxygen (lambda) Sensor, Heating Bank 2 Sensor 1 Performance too low P1108 Oxygen (lambda) Sensor, Heating Bank 1 Sensor 1 Performance too low P1103 but not the misfire. I think (reido80) is correct in saying the coil pack, I have owned the car for 2 months and not felt this before, so it seems to be an intermittent problem, something to monitor and if it get increasingly worse then look into replacing it. Im off work Wednesday and Thursday Bungy if your available to meet up. thanks let me know wher
  10. Hi all, last night on my way home from work I had some hesitation from the engine on pull away from trific lights. (Engine was Cold) It only lasted a few seconds and then seemed to clear itself. This Morning I have the Engine management Light on the dash, so plugged in my computer (not vagcom) but simmilar and got the following codes. Oxygen (lambda) Sensor, Heating Bank 2 Sensor 1 Performance too low P1108 Oxygen (lambda) Sensor, Heating Bank 1 Sensor 1 Performance too low P1103 Random / Multiple Cylinder Missfire Detrected P0300 Cyliner 6 Misfire Detected P0306 Now Im ok when it comes to m
  11. Standard lenses are illegal with HID bulbs, they don't project the light correctly and can blind oncoming cars.
  12. what do you guys think of these? looking to upgrade to HID, projector units seem to defuse the light better than standard lenses that are designed for Hallogen bulbs. also like the day running lights. very cool me thinks. http://www.dvbcaraudio.co.uk/golf-9804-black-style-headlamps-p-9527.html or clear ones here http://dubmonkeyz.co.uk/#/vw-golf-mk4-led-clear-headligh/4546706148 do day running lights replace your side lights?
  13. What's a Bentley manual? same but made by Bentley? where can I get one?
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