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  1. must say tho jim that is one very nice looking s4 regret getting silver just doesnt shine up that well
  2. i aint got a clue mate does it quite often tho .........its such a thirsty car dont use it much just weekends when im not on the beer lol ...........just got a old subaru im looking at getting mapped what prices are they its a standard 2000 turbo if u do these cars that is ?
  3. i own an s4 too mate about 300 bhp my turbo pipe blows off all the time think i need some samcos or something just love these cars for comfort and interior and had the vr6 for beating daily lol
  4. yeah lol love this new one and the last went to agood home someone whos has the knowledge and funds to rebuild it i would never of broke it or sold it to a knob it was still in good nick and drove well just some welding and engine rebuild and she would of been rite as rain........gonna make my new highline sweet for next year now while i plough about this winter in the subaru lol
  5. the golf had got to the point of where it was either spend 1k on engine rattling ,heater matrix,rotten floor pan,cracked windscreen the list goes on sold her for 600 quid she still looked the nuts but couldnt throw anymore money at her so sad seeing it goe so many good times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a friend had a mulberry in vgc with sweet engine but no mot or tax so am garaging that for future!!!!!!!!!! i know your all gonna hate me but bought an impreza for the mean time and enjoying it alot but will always have a golf vr6 either on the road or garaged somewhere lol love these cars
  6. cheers mate weighing up my options with the vr tony came looked at it friday and said pistons slapping as shes rattling like a diesel lol been advised its prob cheaper and easier to just whack a new lump in it ..................so now on hunt for a vr6 engine any ideas where to find one at a decent price?
  7. does the engine from a golf 4 motion fit into the mk3 vr6 ??????
  8. ok cheers mate theres a vr6 engine im planning to bid on but comes with auto box and needs a power steering belt tensioner will i be able to salvage this from my old lump ??
  9. i may have located a vr6 engine which used to be an automatic will my manual box fit to this lump and will it produce the same power as i understand the autos where less powerful
  10. yeah good idea use work van hey ........craggsy was yours knocking loudly same area then when driving it seems to be very faint when in neutrel and im revving it
  11. hhaha yeah pm,d him already he did small job for me a while back it was actually you that said in an old thread that the tensioner bolt cured your rattle to left side of engine
  12. praying it could be this simple tensioner bolt causing this rattle on opposite side of engine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. if u can imagine it sounds like a old ford with no oil or how a rough diesel van sounds its terrible and embarassing lol
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