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  1. hows she going dave, looks bloody gorgeous cant believe i sold it sometimes.
  2. i was reading CAR magazine the other day and they completed a comprehensive test. they believe that the continental contiwintercontact is the best tyre. they then compared the above tyre, snow chains, and snow socks driving on compacted snow. snow socks provided maximum grip but are a pain in the back side to put on and only suitable for emergency when you get stuck. Winter tyres were a very close second. they also out perform many summer tyres when the weather is below 7 degrees celsius. Never actually owned a set myself but it was a good review.
  3. yeah i have got over selling it for the time being. got genuine bbs ch on the leon now and next month im hoping to lower 40mm then milltek. some knob drove into the back of me the other day in shrewsbury, i was actually relieved i wasnt in the vr6. no damage except a couple of paint chips in rear bumper.
  4. Yeah those little bugs are funky. how much are they worth now?? how do you fancy detailing my car next time your down welshpool.. ill help and provide tea and cake.
  5. early vento front mate. this is the look i would have loved to have achieved. put simply " mean as fu*k". you have already gotthemetal strip just try find a grill.
  6. no the contract states. "cannot sell to anyone other than me buying it back" honestly when i seen it driving off down the street my eyes started to fill up. it looked and sounded lovely. i couldnt sleep all night. looks great in your pics aswell, you just need to fit the pressed plates and replace the front indicators, got water in them. look forwrd to watching your progress
  7. I've just bought a leon cupra r with 225 it's only a 1.8 20v turbo but I have to say I'm very impressed with it. a had it on a LNG run yesterday and average 38 mpg, I was stuck behind traffic for a bit but I was doing lots of overtaking. anything over 2500 revs and it will pull strong. it's a 6 speed manual and when cruising along at 45-50 mph you can overtake in 6th quite safely. if it needs to be done abit more urgently 4th or 5 th will do the job very nicely. I'm comparing this to my 1997 vr6 and it is faster and does pull strong as long as you keep above the magic 2500k. only thing I miss
  8. but did the calipers price include the calipers carrier? because you will need them and a set of pads. I bought a full second hand kit with pad and new discs for £100 total. there are bargains out their just got to find them.
  9. could you put some spacers onto your beam between your stub axels and beam? not sure how but I'm sure it could be done
  10. big mud flaps and huge C.B aerials are the fashion were I'm from. they must add a few ponies but I havn't tried and tested for myself.
  11. this is still going on, has anyone actually managed to permanently solve this rear suspension (when lowered) squeak. it's embarrassing to take people in it, and it's getting to the point when I'm thinking of selling the car. please help me to regenerate my vr love
  12. you could if you wanted to. the downside is it will knock your speedo out. the speedo will read faster than your actually travelling. also low profiles on 15s may look abit small and make the arch gap look big.
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