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  2. eBay scammer, I ain't trusting this!

    yea i have the same email: "hiya, do you use ebay? i need a small favour from a member as ive made a **** up on there! if you can help message me back! regards" Abit strange id say!
  3. Hi decided it has to be done, but cant find anyone who is comfortable working on it, or just way expensive!! im in cornwall which also doesnt help can anyone who is willing to help pm me a quote please Many thanks in advance
  4. ideal thanks just what ive been looking for
  5. ok thanks. there is no other signs of it. i only changed the oil a few weeks ago and there was no water in it. just seems weird that the water is disapering and its swoking? but ill get it changed when i do the chains just to be safe! Next task break the cost to the missis! as im needing new exhaust aswell
  6. My 97 golf vr6 has done 105000 and the chains are starting to rattle so...... should i replace just the bearings? if so which ones? or the whole timing chains (full kit) on another note if someone can help me on this: on tickover hot or cold i get alot of white smoke and i do have to keep toping up the water! so mabe headgasket going?? many thanks.
  7. Passenger window probs?

    mine seems to do the same on the rare occasion, but its seems to work again if i turn the engine off and restart it, weird! but id love to know how to solve the problem before it starts to bug me. but mine always works with the alarm.
  8. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    washed, polished and waxed, then a bloody sea gull shat all over it and had to do most of it again AHHHH!!
  9. Russian bentley showoff backfires

    haha quality!! what a tw*t, learn to drive! and how embarssing in front of all those people!!
  10. numbers on wiper stalk!?

    ah thanks will try that, there loads of tech on these cars just its all hidden. but i have found after cleanin out the sunroof gutter yesterday how well built they are nearly everything is so easy to take apart and put back without breaking! previous escort rs turbo owner, things break easy lol
  11. numbers on wiper stalk!?

    thanks guys may have a play with that later
  12. numbers on wiper stalk!?

    yea thats it, just not sure what it does as i havnt got a manual
  13. numbers on wiper stalk!?

    on further playing ive found holding the slider on 0 make the computer reset, but still not sure on the differnce between 1 and 2..
  14. Sunroof drainage problem?

    just cleaned mine out as i had some trouble with water filling up my footwells. i tryed unblocking it with some speaker cable but i found behind the glove box the main pipe coming down from the sunroof goes into the rubber grommet at the door and pushing things into the pipe from the door pushes the main pipe out of the grommet!!! so just wip out the glove box and cheak the main pipe is still goin into the grommet....
  15. numbers on wiper stalk!?

    hi, what do the numbers on the wiper stalk do???? it reads - 0 1 2 0 it dosnt seem to do anything and i dont currently have a manual. sorry its a silly question its just totally bugging me! p.s. 1997 golf vr6. thanks guys.