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  1. Well after not owning a Volkswagen for over 8 years now I have finally bit the bullet and bought myself another one. I originally had the mk3 but this time I've gone for the mk4. It came up in my town for sale at a price I couldn't ignore but it's going to take some work to get it how I want it. Anyway, good to be back and I'm sure you'll see some posts from me in the not so distant future.
  2. Hi how much are you looking for? Thanks Darren
  3. Did you book space for trailers Tony? ;-)
  4. So what's the final names for club camping and what gear is being taken?
  5. Do we know when the car passes are being sent out?
  6. Just hope it doesn't rain!! Lol
  7. Do we have the fire pit and gaybo?
  8. Numbers are no where near last year! Where is everyone?
  9. Think there's more than 12 now
  10. 6 tickets ordered. Will need 3 car passes please Helen
  11. Ok cool cheers bud otherwise it would just have to be a really wide assed caddy! Lol
  12. Any pics yet Daverse?
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