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  1. veedubboy

  2. Corrado VR6

    Aye turbo there alright...running a UM short runner. sold my schmidts 3 years ago and am running 16" bbs Rs but moving on to OZ Pegasus soon
  3. Hi

    Never heard of this fella Gethin ...sounds Welsh
  4. Hi

    Hi there from Belfast Long time forum user...never posted until now New site looks well folks
  5. Any Corrado's out there?

    My 95 corrado VR6t
  6. Corrado VR6

    Long time forum member but never posted so thought I would post my corrado project. Ran it with a few mods for a few years (coils, schmidts, exhaust etc). Then I got the power itch...Viw28 old engine came up for grabs so I took it and has been in a garage ever since. Building as I can afford it atm. Custom intercooler and rad recently made. In the process of powdercoating and polybushing the front end of the motor, Airride, all new brakes and exhaust. New wheels in pipeline also