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  1. Ok....in the last 10 months ive been a member ive saved £80 on Adrian Flux insurance and saved £25 with the 10% off GSF autoparts..... not to mention the future potential savings coming up when my brakes and exhaust require replacement in next 6 months. The wealth of knowledge and information on my car (MK3 VR6) is invaluable to be honest, oh and £15 premium is unquestionably a worthwhile investment.
  2. Ive used a company called "Car and bike magic" a couple of times in the past, they are superb however pretty expensive. I found them thru Nissan where i work, they send all their NEVOS employee rental cars to them for repairs. link; http://www.smart-repair-tips.com/SMART-Network.php?nav=FIN#NEE good luck
  3. Guys, Just changed my standard Beru VW ht leads to Magnecor...... i had 5 VW black and one VW red ht lead removed and noted the codes written on them.....(if still current that is!), both stamped with the VW/AUDI logo..... to anyone who is interested ; red: 030035 255A and/or 030017 4102 black: 021035 255E Not 100% sure if 2nd part number for red is a Beru or VW number tho.... happy hunting for those after red beru ones as quite hard or expensive to source...... or indeed try Ford and quote for a post 1995 Galaxy v6 if none at VW, the galaxy engine was exactly same as ours.
  4. Ok...apologies for length and apologies if already posted but i may be able to save u a few ££ in the process !.....I spotted an apparent "common fault" on my vr6 (fault posted on a few websites in past anyway)...Involves one of my air hoses leading from throttle housing to top left of my OBD2 engine crankcase with a small valve called a p.c.v linked in-between it (see pics attached below). [im This little baby has split at the pcv valve, this is moulded black sealed plastic an has perished and split thus causing air and oil residue to blow out. This can alledgedly, be stripped and cleane
  5. I had same problem.......drivers side not working but passenger side ok. Check fuse 1st, its same fuse that controls elec mirrors , reverse lights & air con. Switch next..., u shud be able to hear a relay click from door as u toggle the switch, if yes then u obv have power to switch and relay, if not swap passenger door switch and link up to see if switch is prob. As mentioned above u can pull rubber door grommet out to inspect wire condition as prone to splitting and thus earthing/shorting. I did all of above without sucess until i removed door skin (1/2 hr job with Haynes manual), unplug
  6. Bloke was a ledgend ! loved the stuff he created on his show and his ledgendary burnouts. Now thats him and Roy up there making Gods wonderful cars!! Wonder if Chip Foose ever made up with him ?
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