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  1. had to get from the breakers in the end mate, VW haven't got them in stock anywhere and neither have TPS. had to get it fixed that day cos i had a bloke coming to see it today - and he bought it
  2. Cheers Justin, I stocked up last time I went to gsf. Had a right mare getting the hose in the end
  3. qualified as a civil engineering quantity surveyor BORING!! :S so now i'm self employed doing grounds maintenance, specialist weed control and fencing
  4. all sorted, found the bas**rd leak! off to the stealership to get a new hose (£38.50 + VAT) and thermostat (£20.50 + VAT)
  5. hmm, ok, i'm gonna have to have a delve then - last thing i wanted to do was spend time and money on it to sell it really, nevermind eh. 8-)
  6. i've had very few problems with my VR - until i put it up for sale!! i think it means it wants to stay *-) took a guy out for a test drive on saturday, he was really keen and loved the bellow of the VR but as i pulled back into out yard it was chucking out stinking steam from under the bonnet!! after inspection its developed a waterleak at the back of the block and was throwing coolant onto the manifold - hence the stench!! is this likely to be the crack pipe that everyone goes on about????
  7. the rado does look awesome with its super shiney wheels on :-d
  8. I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! As far as VRT's being for men - I wouldn't be so sure! Lol from what I've seen of Nats driving on the road she's more of a nut nut than me (and that's saying something) lol
  9. Ok no worries. Number plate fees are all a bit mental - I've just worked out I've spent £650 over the years moving mine about and putting it onto retention lol. VRT conversion in what tho???........
  10. You need to loot at the reg document, that will state if the regestration can be removed. Should say transferable or non transferable. For some reason a lot og origionally assigned reg's can't be removed but you might be lucky. As far as costs go I can ask next week for you if ya like?? I need to go to chelmsford DVLA and get my reg put onto retention AGAIN!!!
  11. time for an update........ car was at a point where it was almost finished, was just stripped out waiting to go off to have its cage welded in then i got bored, lost interest..... and put it pretty much back to standard bar the grille and coilovers :S i've bought another mk2 and a set off bbs splits (que the "scene queen" comments!!) lol) the VR is going in for an MOT tomorrow and i'm going to be smoking around in it while its up for sale - so i suppose thats the end of this project really 8-)
  12. i reckon we had about 30 at the last meet - small one for us
  13. looks like a really tidy example mate, love them in that colour.
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