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  1. Hi all, I've got a Mk2 VR6 with the Z-Engineering charger, I know that to check the oil I need to take out the grub screw on the side of the housing? But what oil do I use? Just 10W 40 Synta Gold? I can't find out anywhere Cheers
  2. FGR 8 KQE - they're Bosch Super copper electrode, but not Super 4 like I said earlier (only one anode) - good luck Mine might just like these because it's running a very crude, fuel-heavy map though. These plugs are from BMW M-engines. Seems to me that no 2 VR6s are alike
  3. OBD1 supercharged VR6 - I assume we're having similar problems, although maybe not. All I know is I've finally found plugs that actually work, last, aren't platinum and don't need regapping Still haven't looked in the garage though heh
  4. Not sure: ZR-1 I think; EDIT: It's claner than that now. Much much cleaner. That was the day I bought it
  5. Came with the car - I didn't build, I'm just rebuilding Got a receipt for it 2nd hand, £1400 which seems very reasonable. I'm renewing as many parts as I can via RUF Kompressoren.
  6. Also Google will do almost any conversion, just type eg '300 KW in HP' or '250 USD in GBP' etc etc etc into the search box - helps with imperial/metric a lot. eg http://is.gd/oNok
  7. Distributor or coil pack OBD1? If dizzy, you need the MAF part number ending 021 and it MUST go before the charger. Makes a world of difference to the idling and solves a lot of bucking/overfueling problems. Early MAFs just do not like turbulent air. If you have something you can blank the gap with, just try moving it temporarily to where the air filter currently is and see if it runs better.
  8. No But it's fast enough, whatever it's putting down. Rolling road is on the list tho....
  9. Plugs - I went through a shitload of different types, NGK 7s, Bosch etc as mine only gets about 500 miles out of a set. In the end I'm running copper Bosch Super 4 8-something-or-others. I have the boxes in the garage, will have a look.
  10. Forgot to ask - which oil should I use in the charger, and how often should I change it? Someone told me 'high speed bearing oil', someone else has told me "motor oil", and yet someone else said Synta Gold...
  11. It'd have the proper grill on if the welded-in VR6 rad bracket wasn't in the way
  12. Hemel mate: www.nomadsvw.co.uk There's a couple of guys came to our last meet with VRs too, inc a RHD Rallye VR-T :D
  13. Go for it, that's why I'm here Someone else told me this, but I was concerned about heat dissipation - I'll be adding a few degrees C to the block, no?
  14. Add that to the list, yeah Front is not only wide track but has 15mm spacers on to clear the calipers... Looks worse in those pics than IRL due to the shadows though.
  15. This is a work in progress, a restoration if you will - the VRs been in the car since 2005. I have no docs relating to the build (grr) but there is a dyno sheet below before the 'charger went on - the engine is very highly tuned, definitely cams etc etc etc but without stripping the whole lot (tempted) no way to be sure... 177whp plus a ZR-1 = ??? Raceland manifold, powerflow exhaust (4 boxes?!), shitty cone air filter, Eibach ARBs, coilovers (hot tuning maybe?) wide track front with 288mm drilled discs. Supercharger (ZR-1?) fitted around 2 years ago currently running 0.5bar (7.25psi) and deli
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