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  2. Corrado VR6 problem

    Aha - I think it's the EGR - exhaust Gas recirculation valve / switch that I'm thinking about.
  3. Any Corrado's out there?

    I'm here - just joined today
  4. Suspension advice

    I've got the gmax kit on mine with poweflex bushes as well. It's like driving with a china teaset in the car - everything rattles including my teeth. It is low and responsive, but if I was doing it again I'd just replace my knackered OEM bits and get some lowering springs.
  5. Corrado VR6 problem

    The Corrado does have an automatic fuel enrichment setting when cold, where the engine behaves differently to when warm, which if not working right can lead to an eratic idle. What can cause this, unfortunately can me a number of things. I haven't heard a fuel pressure problem only occurring whilst cold (except when you arent holding pressure in the lines which presents itself as a starts second time, everytime symptom usually). As bigpants says it could be the ISV, your MAF, but also there is something in the VR6 which I can't remember the details of which effectively monitors emissions, with air recirculated around the engine to ensure it is clean before being dumped out the exhaust. I'm sorry to be vague, but I know it was only added to post 1992 cars, and you dont need it for your car to work, just to meet emissions regs. I had a problem with mine and disconnected my idling problems disappeared. I'll dig around in my Bentley Manual and see if I can figure out what it was for you. Cheers, Mark