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  1. MattBVR6

  2. Be good to see u again Matt ;-) and you mate. been doing much to the motor?
  3. # Friday night Soultrain 70's shockwave disco # live music Saturday Glam Rock party night DOREEN DOREEN (you need to experience these to believe it) # Brian's spectacular night of fire on Saturday # Acoustic stage and comedy club thanks mate. should be a laff then!
  4. i think i'll be coming down for the weekend as the sunday was great last year!!! Whats the crack with the Sat night? any entertainment or music or anythin at this one??
  5. Smoothing the Bumpers - Help wanted

    no mate in the end i used Base 21 Paintworx to do them while i was getting loads of other bodywork done. made sense in the end to pay the pro's!!
  6. Latest pics of Absy ;-)

    lookin nice mate!!!
  7. spring fest santapod 29 march 09

    yes mate we are having a stand on the sunday and you would be more than welcome to come along thanks mate. count me in and i'll find out if any of the boys are coming out to play! be good to see you all there!
  8. If anyone has a problem getting their car there i would be more than happy to jump on the stand! no harm in trying ;-) hope it goes well guys and girls!
  9. spring fest santapod 29 march 09

    will there be a club stand and if so any room for a couple more? poss sunday only?
  10. GTI International June 27-28 2009

    i'll be attending. only 2 cars from what i remember from the club there last year so a few more would be good!
  11. Hi all, I'll be coming down on the Sunday for the day! hopefully weather will be as good as last year!! 3 VR6OC member all in all, can we get on the stand? if we cant we'll just enter in the show and shine! ha so, MATTBVR6, BOBVEEDUB (in my old VR) and RICHBVW (in 'GREENDAY' PVW cover car from a couple of years ago) on the sunday stand only!! Thanks in Advance! will be good to catch up! Matt
  12. WELL......A bit of an update!! I sold my mauve VR to a really good friend of mine "BOBVEEDUB" on here as i was racking up the miles on it, and you all know what its like when you spend all your time and money on something then see it looking worse and worse every day, so i thought it needed to be looked after, and i couldnt justify keeping it as a second car. anyway, to cut a long story short another friend of mine "TOMPO" on here was selling his VR as he'd bought a new TypeR, so as it had a lot less miles and was more practical than mine (wheels that could be used all year etc) i decided to buy his off him. I bet most of you will have seen it on here but anyway, this is how it is now. I have plans for it but i'm hoping to resist making it undrivable and just enjoy it. might lower it a little more and thinking of maybe charging in and a bit of a retrim!! I'm changing the mirrors/handles etc possibly deleting the side repeters and possible losing the plastic sills and having the metal sills smoothed. I swapped the recaros and the ICE over from the mauve one. anyhow pics: