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  1. Worth checking if the carpet is damp round the footwells. A leaky heater matrix would not be obvious at this time of the year as it's likely on cool all the time. Check for dampness in footwells and put heater on 1 and warm, directed to the windscreen to see if any condensation appears.
  2. From anecdotal feedback, I reckon it should work without too many issues. The LPG ECU piggy backs onto whatever ECU the car has, so you would, I believe, focus making sure the LPG hardware was physically capable of dealing with the required power output (bigger reducer//injector nozzles etc...) and install the LPG as normal. The LPG ECU will simply take the injector times from the petrol ECU and put them through the LPG injectors leaving the petrol ECU unaware of what is going on. I've often toyed with turbo'ing the Rado and with LPG, would be a hoot! Someone already runs on on LPG, joni_vr6
  3. 20k miles later, still going strong. Installed a software/firmware update to the STAG system which has helped improve performance. Getting about 25mpg mostly, sometimes up to 27mpg. Plugs are still in good condition, they were fairly expensive but lasting the course
  4. Just thought I'd add a wee update. 6months and 10,000miles later, still running without issue on LPG. Not has so much as a misfire from it, getting about 24mpg average. I rarely tweak the system anymore, as I find playing a lot with it seems to cause see-saw results. Little and rare is my motto now! About to embark on a trip to Croatia and Bosnia, so will pile on another 4000miles, making me near break even point
  5. Well that's my Corrado VR6 now running on LPG. I'll not go into too much details as Donpular and 85jas have covered really well. The guys at Profess did a really good job. Corrado was more tricky than the Golf's as there is virtually no room between the manifold and the radiator fans. Nonetheless the job looks really good, very neat and tidy considering everything that goes in. The boss is a really helpful guy and was very keen to address some concerns i had with the install. I get paranoid with people working on my car, but happy everything was done correctly. They do so many conversions, t
  6. jamiehamy

    High mileage

    I wouldn't stress much about mileage, as said previously, documented history is more important. Also, you will have a good feel from driving it. If you drive in and think ' wow, this doesn't feel like it's got mega miles' and it's backed up by history, chances are it's been well looked after and will carry on going. IF you get it it and the car has that tired feeling, maybe avoid. Lots of well maintained high milers out there for a song. I'm not on 165k and just about to fit LPG. I'm confident she will go well above 200k.
  7. If the price is right and you really like the car with mods, then yeah, go for it. However if you're not fussed on mods, it would be worth holding out for one that has not been touched. Corrado's are pretty good 'out the box', but it's good to do mods on your own terms. There are loads of amazing standard ones out there. I would recommend standard, but as i say, it's only an opinion.
  8. Looks like I'm next in line for this for the Corrado. Will post when done. EDIT - Booked for next Wednesday. Long drive to Wales from Glasgow!
  9. Thanks for the update Don, much appreciated. My Corrado VR whilst economical @30mpg is doing about 14k per year. I really need to bring costs down and this looks like my best option. I simply drive (and enjoy driving) too much to have a 'cheap runaround'. - You say you get 22mpg on gas - what were you averaging on petrol before install? I know they say 10% reduction, but was wondering what you were getting. - Do you know how easy the kit is to unplug if working on the engine? e.g replacing tappets etc... Looks forward to hearing from you, Thanks, j
  10. Looking forward to hearing the results, I'm considering this for my VR6 Corrado. Keep us posted!
  11. I just changed mine to Castrol SMX-S and it runs amazingly now - changes are much much smoother. 1.8 litres (or once it starts overflowing from the filler hole).
  12. I had the same problem. I did two things ( stupidly at the same time!) and the problem is solved. I swapped the fuel pressure regulator for one on a spare I had (that never had the same issue). I also 'reset' the ECU by unplugging the battery. 4000miles later and she starts no problem when warm now. I suspect it was the fuel pressure regulator to be honest as I've had the battery out a couple of times over the last few months. If you can get one either new, or from an engine that never had the issue hopefully that might help J
  13. Hello, I've a wad of points and had a short ban(cc10 3months), which i know usually means only certain insurance companies will entertain for a resonable cost. I'm ensured with all 12points declared, but renewal is due soon, can you specialse in this? ( in work so can't call just now but can post!), I'm 26, 4years NCB... Cheers, j
  14. Same as Sanky, i jusy got a recon unit, saved all the hassle of bodges. At the end of the day, if the earth has gone, your starter will prob be on its way out too. When i changed mine, i couldn't believe the difference, the old one must have been gubbed, but i didn't know! Suddendly it turned over faster and smoother.
  15. My old mk2 VR6 used to to that, the drive to work ended with a dowhill for about a mile, and at the end, when you accerelated, there would be a bluey/white combo. Frightened the life out me, but it never smoked at any other time, so i didn't worry about it after that!
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