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  2. drive shaft length

    the shaft are for a mk3 golf 02m 2wd also ive been using 6Q0 407 272 CL long shaft and short shaft 1j0 407 271gc for about 4months now boosting 1.7bar driven hard daily with a cheap obx diff rebuilt with quality spring washers with no problems at all
  3. vr6 block rebore

    i did it myself i will be testing launch control out next with switchable chip on a clutch switch
  4. anyone no a good place that can rebore a vr6 block yorkshire area ...... any idea what price to expect for rebore only ????
  5. drive shaft length

    the diff on the 02m measures 300mm to the cv flange to flange the 02a is 245mm cv flange to flange 55mm wider and is offset 20mm on the drivers side and 35mm on the passenger (rhd car :-) i dont have a lupo gti 6 speed shaft to measure but id like to know the bare lenght off one and also see if it has the bigger spline to fit 110mm cv ... i finished up shortening a bare 6 speed driveshaft to 643mm refitted the cv ends and it fits perfect
  6. drive shaft length

    there is some bare shaft lenghts here http://www.clubgti.com/forum/showthread.php?t=155374&page=4 the lupo gti long shaft is 656mm if it the bigger spline 6 speed drive shaft ? then its the nearest oem fit ive found so far
  7. drive shaft length

    the stock vr6 drive shafts are too long on both small and large shafts plus the spline on the shaft is too small to fit the 110mm cv from on 02m gearbox end for small shaft you need the 1j0 407 271gc from a mk4 golf pd tdi engine this fits spot on the long shaft from the same mk4 golf pd tdi is way too long a long shaft from a 2005 seat ibiza asz engine 6 speed or fabia vrs part number 6Q0 407 272 CL will fit but its 20mm too long and has thinner threads on the end the bare shaft lenght from the 6q0 407 272cl driveshaft is 668mm ideally you want a 02m 1j0 407 272gd long shaft from the mk4 golf pdtdi plus other models this will fit vr6 hub and the 02m 110mm cv end remove both ends and shorten the bare shaft total lenght down to 643mm i know this is more than 20mm but ive taken into account the extra movement on the 110mm cv s
  8. injectors

    i ran my vr n/a with 36lb injectors with 95mm id maf 4 bar fpr with stock tune on a obd1 vr6 for 12 months with no fuel adaptation fault codes i guess you could try run 440cc with 3bar fpr and 95mm id maf stock tune with same affect
  9. Holset hx40

    they both have good and bad points it depends what you want i like them both the hx35 12cm was nice for cruiseing around getting into boost quicker with no lag i have stock cams and it used to choke the hotside at 6900rpm and good for upto 400whp with no traction..3rd used to start gripping somtimes depending on road surface it is a stock gearbox 3rd gear killer it gives loads of low end torque and power comes on fast the hx40 14cm was laggyier for normal driving around i preffered the hx35 ...it pulled hard to the 7300rpm revlimit id set... the lag used to act as traction control and power comes on smoother gearboxs last longer and makes more hp than the hx35
  10. Holset hx40

    ive had both hx35 hx40 on a vr6 with hx35 12cm i had 1psi at 2400 rpm and full boost at 3300rpm with hx40 14cm spools at around 2900rpm and full boost is around 4200rpm simular to a t4 .84 hotside
  11. Re-boring 2.8-2.9 and cost?

    my buddy had a 2.8 and a 2.9 block in his garage i will measure the wall thickness on both but im sure they are the exact same block hence the 2.9 bored out slighty
  12. Re-boring 2.8-2.9 and cost?

    ive read on a few forums about reboring to 2.9 weakens the bores ? ..... i dont believe it myself going from stock 81mm bore to 82mm is only skimming half a mm of the bore wall so there is still plenty of beef left on them
  13. VR6 Remap guide

    check this link out some good info http://www.ecuconnections.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=404&start=0
  14. Anyone megasquirt builders in UK?

    i run my turbo vr6 on ms i buy from here http://www.extraefi.co.uk/ comes with all wires labeled and wiring diagram on the site for vr6