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  1. Post some pics up fella, im sure you'll get a better response and plenty of help
  2. Bolts through inner arches and nuts on top : }
  3. Meet Dylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks really nice :}
  4. law on exhaust noise need help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup same as the bike cans do "Not for road use" just laugh at them and rev it saying "sorry i cant hear you officer over my illegal exhaust" pmsl
  5. New Scirocco

    Just looks a bit too French at the front imo, but yes with the R32/36 in it : ) should be a top contender
  6. New Scirocco

    This may have been linked before, but whats everyones opinions?? I think it's nice but lacks that agressive front end. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/202313/reborn_scirocco_is_go.html
  7. another max'd vw

    It aint even a VR ! and thats minging
  8. OMG Check this out

    It's mint : ) thats a top motor
  9. Have you got VAG-COM and wish to help?

    Im more than willing to help anyone in the Yorks area
  10. Good to meet some new people from here : ) Top day and the weather stayed good anyway some pics Edit: VR6Pete, removed first broken image.
  11. errrVR on ebay....

  12. Blown Piston !! : (

    Well Lane Turbo Centre in Batley
  13. [poll] New Forums - Your Thoughts/Comments

    New layout looks great : ) Well done to all the team
  14. The VR6OC

    This site is a wealth of knowledge, to new and long standing existing members.The VR6OC is a credit to it's members and it's founders and i hope it will go for many years to come. Thank You