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  1. ive never seen those wheels before?
  2. ignore the green and blue/red one, thats for an air con connection, does the red/yellow wire have a little red plug on it? if so, this is the wire that tells the ECU the ignition has been turned on, take it to switched live. the plug in the engine bay with the red/black and black/blue wires is the reverse light wiring
  3. Lambda wiring

    it looks like its a sheilding earth which is connected at the ecu end to ground
  4. Subframe

    gti one is the same thing
  5. vr6 starting probs

    do u have the correct relay in position 3 on the fuse board? #109 i think
  6. real loss of power when warm

    inlet manifold temp sender or the blue water temp sensor or both is knackerd
  7. sounds like the person that mapped your car hasnt done it correct, as maximum power is made around 12.3:1 AFR, id say you need to get it mapped again by some one who knows what theyre doing, aslo you dont need 550cc injectors.
  8. Stealth Racing has done it again!

    excellent stuff, i never knew you could run with out the MAF?, does he run anything instead of the MAF? orjust leave it unplugged? excellent results!
  9. DVL Hell

    yeah i just got a summons because of theyre incompetance
  10. RHD turbo manifold?

    excellent stuff, what about ecu code?