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  1. OBX LSD

    Hello All, Been searching but have not found much. Have the cgance to purchase an OBX lsd for my mk3 VR6,. 5speed. Any experience out there? Anything to look for? Worth it or should I save for a pelikan or kaaz? Many thanks
  2. Hello Gals & Guys, Hope all are good. I have read somewhere but can't seem to find it back, is there any downpipe that improves the original inal on the mk3 12v VR6? I think I read the TT mk1 downpipe is an improvement, is this so? Any other that is an improvement? Thanks
  3. Hello Gals & Guys, There is no 16" wheel that can fit the 323 Brembo brakes? Thanks
  4. Hello Gals & Guys, Hope all are good. Would these size wheels fit my MK3 Golf VR6? I will be running the Brembo 323 Brembo brakes from the Cupra. 17x8" ET 30 5x100 67.1 Centre Bore Many thanks to all. Korsou
  5. korsou

  6. novice from Spain

    Hola vih, What part of Spain are you from? I live in Logroño. Glad to see there are some more VR6 lovers in Spain. Saludos, Korsou
  7. Hello Gents, Hope all are doing great. I have been very busy working lately and have little time to play around. A while ago (almost a year) I purchased some Cupra Brembo 323 calipers and am now willing to upgrade my rear brakes. Is there any VW parts from any other car I can use to upgrade my stock calipers and rotors? I have done some searching but mst of what I could find is using Porsche brakes which I don´t really want, at least for now. I found this: http://www.evwparts.com/vwparts/GJ3BrakeKits/EBK698280G-J3R.html any opinion? Thanks for the help Gents. Korsou
  8. Great, thanks a lot for the help Pete. Have a great weekend.
  9. Pete & VR6CABB, Could you please guide me as to what part-numbers or years for the calipers and rotors for 4motion MK4? Are those the vented ones? I do need to replace all brake lines anyway as I was told I need to get some specific ones for the Brembo calipers anyway. Is this correct? If that is so I will get the complete "custom" kit for the Brembo as well as the MK4 set-up Would something like this work: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK4-Golf-Drilled-Grooved-Rear-256mm-Vented-Discs-Pads-/110693953112?hash=item19c5dfae58:g:e9QAAOSwFnFV8ojM plus the calipers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-VW-Golf-MK4-99-04-4Motion-Rear-Left-Right-Brake-Calipers-Vented-discs-/252536445031?hash=item3acc585867:g:aZgAAOSwvzRX1r~8 Thanks again for the help !!!!!
  10. Thanks a lot for all responses Gents !!!!!!! That is certainly very helpful. I agree there is little braking in the back but I would like to be coherent with the braking both front and rear. Also, one more question. With the larger Cupra Brembo rotors and calipers and with the bigger raking force, won´t the ABS jump quicker as well? All have a great one
  11. Come on Gents, I am sure someone knows what fits the MK3 in the back from other modeles. Someone told me the MK4 1.8 180HP rear brakes fit which are vented instead of solid rotors. Has anyone tried this? What parts would be needed? Are they bigger? Thanks Gents, Korsou
  12. Short Shifter

    Hello Gents, I came across this short shifter on ebay. Has anyone tried it? Any recommendations? Does anyone know or recommend a good alternative? Thanks for the comments, Korsou
  13. Short Shifter

    Wow, much better, I guess I will wait and see if http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/profile/91557-besters/ responds. !!!!
  14. Short Shifter

    Hello Gents, The Ebay kit sells for about 140Euros, I have written to BESTERS but have not had a response at all. Can anyone tell how much the Golf MK3 shifter from BESTERS sells for? Thanks gents
  15. Short Shifter

    Thanks for the responses Gents. I have asked BESTERS to have a comparison. Otherwise I will purchase the Ebay unit. I will probably not use my car for racing, if any for sport driving.
  16. Hello Gents, As some of you know I am looking for wheels for me MK3 VR6. I have come across some nice wheels but they are 17x8. Do any of you know if these will rub once I lower my car? I am not planning on going really really low. Also, I have bought the Brembo 323mm brakes for my car. Do these fit in any 17" wheel? Thanks as always for all the help, Korsou
  17. Thanks a lot dom.joy !!! Awesome site !!!!!!!!
  18. Hello Matty, These wheels are actually 17x7.5 not by 8 Thanks for the response !!!
  19. Hello All, Hope all are having a great weekend so far. I have received my wheels !!!!!! Yuhuuuuuuuuu !!!! Do you guys think I should go with 205/40/17 or with 2015/40/17 tires? Thanks for the help !!!
  20. Hello Gents, I have a US-Spec Mk3 Vr6 Golf with 280mm front brakes. I was looking to get the Seat Leon Cupra front Brembo calipers and rotors but am not sure if it will work. Do any of you know? Do I need to change the hub or will it be enough with carriers, calipers and rotors? Thanks for the help. Manuel
  21. Great matty.vrt, I think I have just bought some wheels Worst comes to worst I will get some spacers and issue solved !!
  22. What do you guys think? My car is Jazz Blue though.
  23. Helo daveyboy, Thanks a lot for your input.
  24. Hello matty.vrt, Thanks for your response. In that case worst case senario would require a spacer to have to wheels fit further out right? Do you know if they will fit in 17" wheels though?
  25. Hello Gents, Thank you very much to all for your awesome help. I have found some cool wheels, which I will probably end up buying. Can anyone please confirm if any 17" wheel will fit the 323mm Brembo brakes? The ET for the wheels is 35mm and 17x7.5 Thanks again for the AWESOME help. Have a great one, Korsou